Fenster beagle butt

by Hazel

Thats what I used to call her. She was 15 yrs, 4 mths & 12 days old when she left me & headed for the rainbow bridge. I miss her so much, it gets worse each day & I just want her to come home.

I got her when she was 8 wks old. We were inseparable. The first night together I gave in & she slept across my neck enjoying the warmth. She slept next to me for the next 8 years until my husband arrived on the scene. She tore her ACL in her back leg at the age of 12 but surgery fixed it. She partially tore the other one 2 yrs later & from then on things were never quite the same with her back legs but she had the strongest spirit & each day she'd get up & bark & say I'm fine, no need to worry about me. I haven't worked for 10 years (quadriplegic) so there would be days where it was just me, Fen & Max (2nd dog) playing & walking. Then one day I got up & she wasn't barking at my door wanting breakfast & attention, she was still on her bed. She found it hard to get up & when she did she kept collapsing on her back legs. I knew it was time but it had to done at home. She hated going to the vets & I wanted her last thoughts to be happy ones. It was arranged for the following day so we spent the last 24 hrs together playing & sleeping together & I never left her side until she was carried away from me. It was calm, peaceful & it was time but a part of me died on that day & I will never be the same. I miss you Fen & you will always be in my heart. 5.5.96 - 17.9.2011 xxxx

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May 03, 2015
can relate to the situation
by: Anonymous

Fenster seems like a sweetheart. I just lost my boy at the age of 14. Had him for 12 years. He slept with me till he developed a blood clot in his leg as well as cushings disease.Although I thought his cortisone levels were stabilized he suddenly wasn't eating,drinking and when I woke up he was struggling he could't even get up.He couldn't breathe and I cradle carried him to the car.There was nothing they could do. He passed 4/2/15.It still is so hard...and all I think of is "I want my boy back". I miss him so much. Sorry about Fenster I hope our boys are playing at the bridge 'til we meet them.

Apr 17, 2015
i am sorry to hear that
by: cari

I know how it feels. I too lost my puppy, which was just 3 months old. I just lost her last week. I still cannot believe that she is gone. She was such a cute and intelligent one. I should have been more careful with her.

Dec 30, 2011
Hazel must have been a lover, cuz her picture is adoreable!
by: Anonymous

Hazels such a cute girl!! I have had dogs, all of my life, and in the last 5 years started working as a fosterer for Beagle Rescue. I was always told how Beagles were problematic barkers, stubborn misbehavers, and not an optimal breed for a house pet. It only took about 5 minutes with an abandoned little beagle, to change my mindset. Of all the breeds/mixxes I have owned, my Beagles have been the most loving, and have had the best intentions. Hazel shares many features as my Beagles, and I can truly understand how deeply rooted she is in your life. You both cared for each other, and it was tough, but you did the right thing when it came down to it. I am very sorry for your loss, but am very happy that you were lucky enough to experience the love of a Beagle. All of those days you spent together, were a blessing, that made you who and what you are today. There won't ever be a direct replacement, for your buddy, but there will be future opportunities. And when you look into the eyes of a dog that can use your help, you will know it, and so will she/he. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss, but I can tell that you made heaps of the "right choices", one of them keeping a Beagle, and will continue to in the future. Somewhere, In heaven, Hazel is digging up the backyard, and "aroooing" her little heart out!

Nov 07, 2011
Sweet Fen
by: Beth from NC

May your memories of sweet Fen keep you as you grieve for your loss. Today, I lost my beloved Mercedes who was also 15. It is very hard to let go of such a beloved part of the family. Fen's long and happy life was a tribute to the love and care you and yours provided. I will hold you both in my thoughts.

Sep 27, 2011
Thanks for Fenster
by: Geoffrey Campbell

I wept for somehow I could sense the immense love between you two, and while weeping at reading about your loving Fenster, reading this is helping me to cope with my loss. Thank you for your kindness in sharing with all of us this beautiful, heart warming, yet true story of the love of Fenster. Sincerely, a friend from Pennsylvania, USA

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