by Emily

Figaro being his lazy self

Figaro being his lazy self

We adopted Figaro into our family when I was not yet three years old. At the time, I was an only child. He was a young kitten, and the only one in his litter that did not protest when I picked him up and played with him. We connected immediately.

As a kitten, he loved to play with marbles and catnip-filled mouse toys. When we brought my sister home from the hospital when I was four, Figaro flipped out in response to the strange and alarming cry of a newborn - he literally was driven up the wall!

As he grew into adulthood, Figaro mellowed out but retained his deep connection to me and a slight aversion to my little sister. He tolerated three different dogs (one at a time) and three or four different houses throughout his life with my family.

I always felt that he understood everything I told him, and I was as close with him as I was with any of my family or best friends. Sure, we had little quirks that annoyed each other, but we were great friends.

Around the beginning of April this year (2010), I was on spring break in Nashville, Tennessee, visiting the college I am attending this fall. On the morning we were preparing to head home, the pet sitter called and told us that Figaro was not doing well. He had had something like a stroke a few months before, and we knew his time was running out.

The pet sitter took Figaro to the vet, who told me over the phone that Figaro was miserable and dying. It would have been cruel to keep him alive until I could return home. Tearfully, I asked the vet to tell Figaro I loved him, and that being done, the pet sitter sat by Figaro's side as they euthanized him. The worst part of all was that I had forgotten to say goodbye to Figaro before I left for Tennessee.

I miss him. Maybe I'll be reunited with him in Heaven someday. I hope.

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Jul 12, 2010
He is waiting for you
by: Julie

Your Figaro knew every day of his life whether you said the words to him or not how much you loved him or in this case saying goodbye. Perhaps Figaro chose his time while you were away so you wouldn't have to watch him suffer?? Now he has no pain and he's playing with all the catnip he ever could have dreamed of and toys galore!!!!! My jack the cat will be joining Figaro possibly tomorrow, my decision needs to be made tonight and oh dear God I'm in so much turmoil and internal pain, I feel like my heart is going to break in two. I only pray jack will lead me to the right decision that in his own way he will let me know if it's time. Be strong and know I do believe they wait for us to come play with them and love them all over again someday.

May 21, 2010
Handsome Soul
by: Down Under

Emily, my condolences on the loss of your beautiful Figaro. What a handsome soul. He is in heaven watching down on you all and he was so lucky to have had such a wonderful life with you. Warm wishes heading your way.

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