Fight another day

by Bella Bri
(Chile )

The worst 3 months of my life... Im in the point where you have no idea of what is going on or what to do, i still can not believe my dad is gone.
I know That you, reading This right now, knows how im feeling, because you are going through the same or you started "This" before me. You know my fears, and maybe you have the answer to Many of my questions.
Muy Today i have realize of something and i want to share it with you.
It was a privilege having a dad like mine, nowadays Its a privilege just to get to know your dad, even more to be loved for him. If you believe in God (I really believe that He exist, loves me and care for me) you can call it a blessing, if you dont, you can call it luck.
But you and me, we share something, something bigger than This pain, or This emptiness, we know what love is, how perfect is, how life is easier and beautifl with someone to love, we know the feeling of being loved. That is why This hurts so much, that is why we miss someone so much and why it seems almost impossible for us to think in the future, to think or care for people around us, the idea of fighting for our dreams or build new Ones is hard. But let me tell you This, even right now, in what is probably the darkest and hardest time of our lives, we are lucky (or blessed) because we now feel like This, for what we had... A dad, a mom, a child or friend .... We KNOW what love is.
I Am 23 years old and Even when my pain is so big that i cant find a word to describe it, I feel lucky because I had the chance to get to understand the meaning of love. Many people die without knowing what it is, I enjoyed it, now i am suffering because of it. but it is worth, every second of pain it is worth even if it will last until the end of my life. Just for the time i had for share a life with a real love.
The person we loved, the person we still love, the one we are going to love forever is in our minds all day and in our dreams all Nights.
(Ps: my english is very limited, so sorry for any mistakes)

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Nov 13, 2015
Fight another day
by: Doreen UK

Bella Bri thank you for your post which was a blessing to read. I am sorry for your loss of your precious father. You are so right. To be loved is such a warm feeling of Comfort, Peace, happiness, and Joy that only our Heavenly Father God could put in us because He is in essence LOVE. How the human heart craves to be Loved. Without Love we are miserable, and with it the world is a better place. Love is innate in us it is only when evil pervades society and overtakes man that the world knows the difference. We grow into warm loving beings when we love each other. To grow up with loving parents helps us develop into the people God meant for us to be. We become fulfilled and go on to develop good relationships. We live to fight another day. Many people are not so fortunate to grow up in a loving home with both parents, but still within is the urge to love and be loved. The human heart will reach out its hands to save another person we see in rescue missions. Selfless love that gives to another without thought for him/herself. Let us love like this so our hearts are filled with the joy that remains. People need this love and it is what keeps us safe and humbled. Death is only a curse because of Sin. But it was not meant to be like this. To Love and be loved is a Blessing. God will restore this earth one day with Love that will be everlasting and restoration will take place that enables us to see our loved one's again. Let us encourage each other with these words of Comfort and strength to go through this grief knowing that we are no alone. We live to fight another day and we support each other as we go through this journey of grief together.

Sep 01, 2015
Believe in God
by: David

Its a very big loss. I know its hard to get back in life. But all you need to have is just a patience. Pray for your father. May God bless his soul in eternal peace.

Aug 01, 2015
Love is All That Matters
by: Anonymous

It is odd how something as tragic as the loss of someone we truly love can be both a blessing and a curse. I lost my 19 year old daughter, 5 years ago and the biggest lesson I learn from it is what you stated. I feel blessed to have had such a beautiful daughter who truly loved me as I her. The grief never leaves but changes and you realize just how truly blessed we have been to know how love enriches our lives.

Jul 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

You are indeed lucky. Please share your love ❤ with people as there are many hurting people in the world. I didn't have the love of either parent parents and my kids suffered much. Know that God loves you too and has a plan for your life. Thanks for sharing.

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