Finally found true love, days later I lost him to a disease- addiction

by Wendzi
(South Africa)

I am now 22 years old.. my best friend of a long time and I discovered that we were actually crazy about each other.. For a few weeks we tried to break it off to save our amazing friendship but we couldn't and finally started officially dating. On the 5th day of us dating, he sent me a sweet text message, exactly 4 minutes later his sister phoned me, explaining to me that he had passed away.

I was spending time with my family out of town and rushed back to Pretoria immediately. When I got there, his body was still in his room and the police would not let me see him. He overdosed on heroin. After being clean for a very long time, he was due for his next treatment in only 2 weeks. His mom was in such a state, his sister explained to her that I was there and she looked up straight away, shocked. She grabbed me and hugged me, we cried together for about 15 minutes.

There is so much that I wish we had done and said. So much we missed out on. When i think back, I can sometimes hear him saying 'I love you', eventhough he wasn't saying anything. We never got to say that to one another. It has been 4 months today and I feel emptier every day that passes. I just cannot understand how after my whole life, I finally find someone that I could spend every second with and know that it is real and meant to be, and then within days it all gets taken away. We fell in love with each other's souls.

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Nov 02, 2012
finally found true love, days later I lost him to a disease- addiction.
by: Doreen U.K.

Wendzi I am so sorry for your loss of your true love. How tragic that this should happen soon after you had both sealed your decision to be a couple. Any drug addiction is like russian roulette. It could take just one dose that could end a life. Look at all the celebrities. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Whinehouse, Curt Korbain and many more. Lives cut short from dicing with drugs. Many families shattered from this loss.
It is just as fragile a situation when one is in REHAB. things can still go wrong. The basis for any good relationship/marriage is first friendship. So you both had the right foundation to marry. It is just when two live together in marriage the dynamics change and friendship is not all that is needed. Tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, committment are added to the mix of marriage along with many other ingredients. You both could have made a good marriage but this was taken away from you by the tragic circumstances. A mother will have lost a Son and be in turmoil wondering how she can go on in life without her son. There is so much CHAOS in life without the drama of what drugs can do to erupt lives.
Your grief will take long to get over. I hope you and the mother can get together and offer each other a shoulder to cry on and the right support for you both to HEAL from this tragic loss of a young life.

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