Finally grieving after 30 years

My dad died in 1982, when I was only 13 years old. Now, at 43, I am tired of living with depression. Just recently I saw a counselor and he expressed that he can see that I am a very sad person. He asked me how I took it when my dad died, and I told him that it took me a long time to cry. He asked, "Did you ever really cry?" This got me thinking.... I don't think I have grieved properly over my dad. And I think that is why I have felt this thin layer of depression clouding over my life ever since. I wonder if it's possible to grieve, get it all out, and finally starting enjoying life again?

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Nov 05, 2012
There's life
by: Anonymous

Why a ggod person is suffering yet after 30 years. I needed more than a year to rcovered after my Mum dies last year . Time to think about us. Please, dear wake up ang go forward. My sincerely best wishes,

Nov 04, 2012
Finally grieving after 30years.
by: Doreen U.K.

Some people just have a disposition to repressing problems and so don't grieve their losses well in life and this in time can turn into depression. Crying is good because this is expressing grief, and sadness, and sorrow over your loss. You just may have got stuck in grief and couldn't move forward and so this has turned into depression. I don't know if this is true but many a pastor has said that depression is just anger repressed. I am glad you are seeing a counsellor. this is wise when you have suffered so long. Your situation will limit your life and not allow you to enjoy life. I had a personality that was easy to repress everything and I just got on with life the best way I could. Married with 3 children and then depression caught up with me and I passed a lot of my insecurity and lack of confidence onto my children and this affected them in school and in doing well in their education. It was then I managed to find the right counsellor and after years of painfull counselling, I got my life back, and was never the same person again. I could LIVE for the first time in my life and I was in my 40's at this time.
I lost my husband to cancer 6 months ago. We were married 44yrs. I am finding it hard to move forward but I am not worried about it because I am able to cry when I need to. It is never too late to grieve. It only means you have missed out on a lot of good quality life. Don't give up your counselling. See it to the end. You won't regret this. You will live with regret if you don't finish your counselling. You will end up feeling as if a great burden has been lifted from you and you could dance on air. To be FREE. Is such a wonderfull feeling. I wish you Comfort in your grief, depression, and sorrow from your loss.

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