by Steffy

BACKGROUND - Cody was killed Jan 16 of this year, I have not been able to dream about him until last night.
When he passed I was 7 months pregnant.
Our son Ryder is now 5 months.
Cody has been gone for almost 8 months.
I have had all kinds of emotions, It has been very painful and hard, I dont know how to control myself at times. I do have alot of support and alot of help with Ryder. I have been begging to dream about him from the moment he was killed and last night it finally happened. I dont know if the dream means anything but it was beautiful to talk to him and see him.

Had my first dream about Cody 8/31/12

I was getting my hair dyed blond because I didn't want to die with brown hair, the world was coming to an end. Once my hair was dyed I went to go find Cody the world looked all picklely but i found him, he told me my hair looked great and that I had to prepare because we were about to disappear.

I started to cry and I told him I wish I could say goodbye to my mom and he told me "she knows" then he looked at me and said hold on to me, so I held on and I told him "Cody I love you so much and if I had to chose this life again I would because you were in it".

The surrounding world started to turn completely purple and every object started to disappeared, I don't know what was holding us up in the air but my body was wrapped around Cody then he told me "its about to happen and your not going to be able to breathe"

the purple was being taken over by white and there was only blankness and silence. Before it took over our faces Cody told me "kiss me, I love you Steffy goodbye" he kissed me said goodbye and I stopped breathing, there was nothing left of us.

I woke up gasping for air and thirsty at 1:45am 9/1/12

This dream was beautiful to me because Cody was talking to me and I was holding him as we died. He told me he loved me and the goodbye Ive been waiting to hear. It was so real it felt like I was floating and the world was so strange all the colors and when the white was taking over I was scared but I was holding so tightly onto Cody that I knew nothing could hurt me that not matter what I was going to be OK.

I'm not sure why my son wasn't in my dream, it was just Cody and I no one else and in my dream the only other person that was mentioned was my mother


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Sep 05, 2012
by: Anthony

dear Steffy - you are blessed as you had an after life communication from Cody! Many times our loved ones come back - to tell us that they love us, to be with us, in dream time. my beloved Constance who went home to Jesus due to a cancer relapse, comes back to me often in dreams and I live to sleep as I meet her there.

Heres praying and wishing that you will have many more dreams of Cody and you - and know that he loves you all the way !

Sep 04, 2012
First dream
by: silver

I also believe that there is a heaven. I also believe we will see our loved ones again. I have to believe this because without it I would feel lost.I have not had a dream but I occasionally see my love as if he were here. I believe GOD sends us these images to help us get on with our life and let us know that they are better. I pray for you.

Sep 02, 2012
by: Debi M.

Steffy -

I remember reading your blog a while back and I am so sorry for your loss. The dream you had seems very special and hopefully brought you some comfort. I do believe there is a heaven, so until we see our loved ones on the other side here's wishing you peace in the days ahead.

Debi M.

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