As you regulars know,I was anxiously awaiting my first therapy session.I had been told that it was group.I had never been to a group therapy session and didn't know what to expect.The night before,I about lost it.I cried.I was scared that everything was going to go wrong.(I have anxiety disorder in case you couldn't tell).I jumped down my niece's throat when she misspelled my last name.Now that might not seem like a big thing but I have always been sensitive about people who want to spell my last name as Laduck and pronounce it the same way.It's LaDuke.It was such a small thing but especially since my husband died I have been even more sensitive of how it's spelled and pronounced.I had that name for the 33 yrs I was married to him and still have it so it's special to me.The therapy session was supposed to be an intro session(didn't know what that meant).I found out.There were about 10 people.All but one of them had a psychotic illness.One was there for chronic depression.None of them was there for grief.One girl was even there for PTSD of spousal abuse.BEEN THERE DONE THAT didn't want to go through listening to that again.Luckily,I also found out that the next session would be with just be with the therapist and then I will prob.go into a grief group.The session with the therapist is in Nov.,so I imaging my first group session will be in Dec. I see the psychiatrist the end of this month.We'll see how it goes.GOD bless you all

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Oct 13, 2012
coping skills 101
by: HH

I am not a regular here, I stop in from time to time needing...something. Support? Knowing that yes it is normal to need to hear that others are in the same boat after almost 3 years, when most have moved on. In fact some have gone on to other relationships the very people who swore that there would never be another. For them I am happy, I too search for happiness and contentment but it will not be with another yet as I still Love and Miss my husband. I still feel married though it was forever ago yesterday.

I am going to my very first psychiatrist apt. on Monday. I have gone to grief groups and still stop in from time to time though they are newbees one year(ers) or so. I first felt I had no right to be there not having gone to grief group till the 2 year mark. Things were not progressing as I wanted. I still Missed My Love and thought that that would dissipate or disappear with time.

I am so fortunate and happy that joy and contentment is a part of my life finally. It was a long hard road to get here. But I do want to do more than survive grief. I want to Live life fully as possible and though I am doing so there is a part of me that still mourns what I do not can not have.

I also have a son with Aspergers and am learning about it having found out 6 months after my husbands death. Recently last month or so I found out that my son was having suicidal thoughts. I am seeking help for him and things are looking up. But the stress finally is unbearable for me.

I have finally agreed to see someone "about it" as my Dr. suggested. Even he thinks that I should be "Over it" by now apparently. I am not seeing a shrink because my Dr. suggested it it is more to work on my coping skills with so much going on.

I am upbeat and optimistic as always but, life can drag you down not having the answers to all the questions of life. Not that we are meant to have them. Just there has to be a better way of coping with all the life throws at you.

I thought that having therapy meant that you are weak, in the end, I think that I am merely human.

Oct 13, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

I have been in one to one counselling and it worked well for me. I have also been in group session but didn't like it much. BUT IT DOES WORK ALSO. I just didn't like being a large group of over 20 people. In Group session some people could trigger off something in you that brings deep rooted buried problems to the surface. It makes you feel uncomfortable. But if you explore what is going inside you other people in that group SUPPORT YOU. That is the benefit of the group. The downside is being in group with seriously ill people. But we share a world with them. They have a voice and everyone is respected and given the space and opportunity to talk. Both Work Well. If you are not happy about any aspect of group session talk it over with your psychiatrist/therapist. Any concerns will be tackled. You are there for a purpose. To receive help with GRIEVING YOUR LOSSES. We have many losses in life. WE bury some not realising how it affects other aspects of living. These buried feelings may come to the surface. this is what is good about therapy. IT WORKS. You will one day look back and feel GREAT. and Proud of yourself for doing this. It will give you your life back. It is like a CLEANSING EXPERIENCE deep within. This is a FEEL GOOD FACTOR. Don't give up. Stick with the programme and you will move forward and live a happier life. It is hard work. it is painfull. But worth all the effort.
If other people can survive it so can you. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Best Wishes

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