Fond Memories - Joshua L. Pokorny 25 years old

by Holly P. Moore
(Greenville, SC USA)

There was a little boy whom I called “Joshie.” He had a face like sunshine. He would play outside all the time; never coming in when I said to. He loved to skateboard until the sun went down. I would say “Joshie come in; this is going to get the best of you!” He would just smile that silly grin and look down. He loved to help the elderly for he felt their pain. He charmed them with his compassion and passion for all things. He loved pen and paper, brush and paint, too. For art was his talent, it was what he loved to do. Awards were plenty, recognition was abound. Once they found Joshie’s work, nothing could turn them around. He loved his dog Oliver, just a little thing at that. Whenever he would lick me, Joshie said he was giving me a bath! Joshie was good with the little ones for he knew how to play. Make believe was his specialty and it was always a good day. Grandma K-K and he were very close; little spats now and then. The best she only wanted, so she gave much attention to him. Jonathan, Joshie’s little brother, was the greatest of all. He did want not to be called Jon-Jon because that made him feel small. Joshie taught Jonathan to ride, and Jon taught Joshie to skate. It really did not matter for they always stayed up late. Jingle bells and peppermint sticks; our favorite time of year. Houses lit with colors. What is your favorite pick? Joshie awoke with the sun, while Jonathan wanted none. So, the stairs down Joshie would go ready to take a peek; deciding to open everything just so we could sleep! But, they grew older. And, Joshie moved to the city. He was not well, but he did not dwell, He just did not reach out to us. The evils of this world encircled my son and slowly took him in. The devil and all his workers really did a number on him. I reached, and reached stretching my arms long.. I called for help, but no response for he was gone. He was going down a path of destruction, and there was no reason or deduction. I thought I would watch him simmer that the bad habits would slowly evaporate. But, the more I watched, the more he detached and Joshie seemed to dissipate. Merry Christmas, Mommy!..... I love you, Joshie. But, can we go back to bed?.....Only if you take me, ‘cause there is no one I want instead. The last time I said “Goodnight”... they were burying him in the ground. The pain remains; the memory will not fade. I just want him around.

Holly P. Moore
October 2012

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Apr 02, 2014
fond memories
by: Jolynn

How sad. I am so sorry and I do understand your grief as I too lost a son a year ago. He was 25 yrs old and was an officer in the Marines training to be a fighter pilot. He got sideways with prescription painkillers then went to oxycontin, then finally to Heroin which is what killed him. He was a very accomplished young man. He had a BA in Business economics, was a pilot, was considered a lethal weapon in military martial arts, was a promarks man. I tell you this as addiction can affect ANYONE no matter how good a parent you were or no matter the life circumstances. He may have had stressors and was self medicating. My life has a hole and I miss his outgoing, loving personality. There is nothing more painful than losing a child. It is a difficult path we must walk. I wish you comfort and peace.

Oct 02, 2013
My Precious Son
by: Russell's mom

Oh Holly! I am so sorry for your loss. It seems we may have had similar situations. My Son, Russell struggled through life as well. He passed away September 13, 2013. He would have been 28 on October 15, 2013, He was my sunshine! He was trying to turn his life around. He nearly had his Associates Degree in college and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society). He had a beautiful 1 1/2 year old niece that he treasured, yet he still struggled with depression, anxiety and bi-polar issues. It had been more than 3 years since he stopped using Heroin and other street drugs. Ironically, it was a medicine prescribed by a Doctor that caused a severe allergic reaction and ultimately his death.
My heart has a huge black hole, that threatens to suck me in. I can't believe that I will never again see his sweet face or hear his voice in this world. My only consolation, is that he is safe, happy and healthy in Heaven with Jesus. I don't have to worry about him anymore.
I am so sorry for your loss. You are not alone. I am praying for you. Another broken-hearted mom, Wendy

Dec 17, 2012




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