For Christmas I want my daddy back

by Debbie
(Ontario, Canada)

September 22, 2009 the world was robbed of one of the greatest human beings. My Father passed away at the young age of 62 after a 2 year battle with cancer. A battle the doctors said he will not win and they made sure of that.

In December 2007, just 2 months after his first long-awaited grandchild was born, doctors told him he had cancer and had "at best 3-6 months left". He refused to believe that and fought hard to kick this disease where it counts. 18 months later his second grandhild was born and he was over the moon. He said these babies are what will cure my disease.

He was a happy and wonderful man. Always smiling, laughing, whistling and telling jokes. He was fighting this disease and we were all happy, except his doctors. He was proving them wrong and they didn't like that.

My father was a blessing to this world. He loved life, his family and his friends. All he wanted in life was to be happy and his family to be healthy. He was loved by many, and with good reason, he truly was wonderful.

In August 2009, doctors decided to do a "procedure" which will help him (he didn't need help, he was living a normal life with no chemo/radiaiton or surgery). He went in thinking all was normal. After the "procedure", he fell ill, went into palliative care, and eventually passed away.

All the while in the hospital, he was telling jokes and his famous stories. He was even talking about his plans after he left the hospital, like building a doll house for his granddaughter. Well, he did leave the hospital but not the way he wanted.

My children were robbed of their grandfather and I was robbed of my father, for reasons that are still unknown. I am so hurt and confused, as I am not getting any answers. Doctors just say it was a coincidence that he got sick after the "procedure" and he didn't have much time left anyway.

I refuse to believe that, as I watched him fight. He was doing so good, now he's gone. I miss him dearly and it just doesn't seem fair. He waited so long for these babies, and now he's gone. He only got to enjoy them for a short time. I cry every day. I want him back, but I know it's not possible. Why do bad things happen?

Daddy, I miss you and you are my christmas wish!

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Jan 19, 2011
make them proud
by: Anonymous

hi my name is jake, i am 23 and i lost my father this past nov he was a pipeline worker in wyoming. he was a beautiful man, an amazing father to me and my sisters and a wonderful husband to my mother, he sacrificed everything he had for us when he started working on the pipeline three years ago, he hated being gone from his family, but for the first time in his life he was really able to pay for all moms cancer bills and provide for his family.

he was just about to come home in two weeks after being gone for eleven months when we got the news that he had a massive heart attack in his sleep, he had never been in bad health or unhealthy in any way and he just died. sitting at my dining room table that night i just kept asking god why he would take such a wonderful man from us when he was so young. this is what came to me.

if you as a parent had prepared a world for your children that was beyond imagination beautiful and all you had to do was wait till they were done learning what you needed them to, i believe you would take them there the second they had done that, why wouldnt you? you love them, as children of god we are all learning and i can honestly say my dad got it, love people and help them even when they dont deserve it; be kind, he learned the point and anyone that knew him knew that. i did not want him to go but this life is just a breath compared to the promise that both our fathers are enjoying right now. your father fought to teach you not to give up. be strong and make him proud, its all you can do.

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