For Joshie My Angel Here On Earth----taken by cps

by nicole seeber

may 23, 2008 is a day i will never forget because thats the last day my son cried for me. a neighbor that didnt like our family for whatever reason, called cps and said i left my child alone in my home. i did leave him but he was down in the crib for a nap and we didnt have a phone and i needed to get him transportation to an appointment later that day. the people who called cps said i was gone for an hour when in reality it was 20-30 minutes.i sat in jail for 19 days. then when i was released, the judge informed me that i was suppose to be released sooner but the cps worker conveniently forgot to transport me from the jail that she had to drive by everyday to get to the courtroom. my son was only a year old and we spent the next 2 years doing classes and drug tests and visits and working to get him home. then we found out the foster family wanted to adopt him. i was about to have another child at this time. we were deceived by cps and the foster parents. they were all secretly working against us because my husbands family had told them in the beginning that we wouldnt get him back, they never had anything to do with me or him or our children they were all messed up on drugs and they all had issues of their own. Joshie never forgot us when we went to see him and the visits kept getting better and better with joshie . i believe thats what drove the foster mom to lie about her having a child while all this was going on and what caused her to have our rights terminated. our judge resigned from her position. so we were in front of another judge and he didnt know the real story or what was really going on. he didnt tell his decision that day, instead i got told by mail that we were unfit because we were on methadone. and he said that we were on drugs if we were on methadone. for those of you who dont know methadone is a drug used in recovery. now i cant see him, talk to, or hear him. i just pray everynight that god did it for a reason beyond my comprehension, we and his 3 brothers miss him. i dont understand how im unfit to parent one chid but im ok to parent my other 3......i love u joshie and mommy prays you know it..

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May 07, 2015
by: Wendi

I am so sorry for the loss of raising your child and I pray he finds you.

Oct 12, 2011
Taken By CPS
by: Anonymous

I do feel for your loss. The fact that you stated you were "only gone 20-30 minutes" I think has a lot to do with why your son was taken from your home. One minute to leave your child unattended is too long. Anything can happen during that time. A freak electrical fire could break out and that poor child has no way to get himself out of the house.

I have a niece who lost custody of three of her four children. She loves them and always will. Laws are made to protect children from possible harm by the adults in their life who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. She is now able to care for her children but it's too late for that. They are ages 11-19 now and have all had good lives. She is thankful for that.

Be happy that your child is being well taken care of. When he reaches the age of 18 he will come looking for you. Sometimes things happen that we just don't understand but things turn out for the best. Take care.

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