For the Love of Chris

by Patty
(St. Louis, MO)

My son Chris, one of the best friends I could ever have,passed away on February 24, 2013. He was 28 years old. At an early age of 19 he was diagnosed with a kidney disease called FSGS. Four years ago he was put on dialysis, in which he did 3 times a week for some 5 1/2 hours per treatment. Through all that he was such a trooper. He continued to work a full time job,for two years, still doing dialysis. He was fired from his job because of the dialysis situation. Two years later he found a job working at a movie theater that he really enjoyed. He was quite a movie buff. He was not eligible for a kidney transplant due to being overweight. He had to be at a certain weight in order to even be on a transplant list. He dieted as much a possible, but opted for a gastric bypass surgery on January 18. It looked like everything was successful until two days after the surgery and developed complications from the surgery. We spent 33 days in ICU, and some 8 surgeries later, he died on a Sunday leaving his dad and I and his sister devastated. We can not believe he is gone from our lives. The last 6 weeks just seem like such a blur. We never left his side for the entire 6 weeks,someone staying the night with him every night. It just doesn't seem fair. He was such a wonderful person and so loved by everyone. I'm not sure how we will get through this. I'm so tired of everyone saying "Everything happens for a reason." What reason is there for a young man to die so young trying to get healthy. Chris was well loved in our community and in our circle of friends and acquaintances. He just had no idea of the impact he had on so many lives. My only hope was to hear him tell me one last time that he loved us. I know he's in a better place and that there's no more pain for him, but that just can't heal the hurt and lose we all feel.
Patty, Chris' mom

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Mar 18, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

I am so sorry you know this pain of losing your son. 4 months ago I lost my Louie who was39. I miss him so deeply ,our whole family does. O don't know how we have gone is the hardest journey ever! My son was my friend too. It is devastating ,death cuts to the core. We somehow survive but we don't know how. I beg God to help. Understanding your deep sorrow ,I send compassion to each of you.

Mar 17, 2013
For the Love of Chris
by: Doreen U.K.

Patty I am sorry for your loss of your son at such a young age. His life cut down in the prime of his life. You have been denied your son because of some law which says that a person has to lose weight in order to have an operation that is vital to his well being and survival. I know that being of a low weight is important when administering an anaesthetic. But your son should have been monitored and if there was anything life threatening he shouldn't have had such a drastic operation with an on going kidney disease. You have every right to be angry at such a senseless loss of life. More care should have been taken for his welfare. You may feel there was some negligence here. It is also a cruelty that he lost his job because of having a disease that needed medical intervention which interfered with a normal working routine. Chris was a remarkable person to hold down a job for 2yrs. whilst still making the time for his dialysis. He did you proud. It makes your loss of him that much worse. Not everything happens for a reason. Often sensible and intelligent intervention can reverse a decision that could save a life. We live in a declining and more careless world where more and more things happen due to lack of funding. lack of care. lack of intervention when this can take place. lack of thoughtfulness. etc.
40yrs ago asbestos was used in the working industry. My husband was a young man in his 20's working 7 days a week for his family. Due to this substance my husband developed a deadly cancer that claimed his life 10 months ago. We don't know what we breathe in ~~~~ in our atmosphere that can limit our lives. Carelessness of our governments leave us all vulnerable. I am sorry for your loss of your son Chris. May you be comforted and supported in your grief by good family and friends.

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