Forever in my heart <3

by Hannah



I'm a 16 year old girl, and its 9 weeks ago since my bestfriends past away.
I met him when I was in 6th grade and he was in 7th and we were at our little brothers' baseball game and that was the first time we met. I found out that he went to my school and we started dating in the beginning of April, 2009. We dated for 6 months and after we broke up we still were really good friends. I was so excited when I finally got to go to high school and I could see him again everyday. This year I'm in 10th grade and he was in 11th. We went out on a couple dates again this year and he asked me to homecoming. Going to homecoming with him is the best thing that ever happened to me. In October he started to sit with me and my friends everyday at lunch and continued to hang out with me every morning in the library. On the 25 of October I missed school to get my license, on the 26th, I went back to school and told everyone, he was so happy for me, and we made a bet, it was stupid but we always made bets that we really shouldn't have. This bet was that I would get in a fender bender or accidentally dent my car. That night I went to a football game with my friends and he had to work. The next morning I went on Facebook and I saw that someone had posted that a single vehicle car accident had occurred the night before, and had one fatality, someone commented that they thought its was him. I texted him asking if he was okay...he never mom called his parents to see if he was home, but he had never made it home from work that night...of course everyone found out and when I went back to school everyone either avoided me or were giving me hugs and saying how sorry they were. I still look for him when I go to school hoping he'll come back...but he never does. I would give anything to have him back, but sadly that's not enough. I really miss him...I'm still trying to figure why he had to leave me being in this world, but i just don't understand...

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Jan 06, 2013
Loss of Boyfriend in a tragic accident
by: Doreen U.K.

Clare I am so sorry for your loss of your boyfriend Tom to a sudden death from a tragic accident. I feel sad that you don't have friends who are understanding how you feel and how difficult this loss is to you. They can't empathise with you because as you say they don't know what it feels like because they haven't gone through this loss. A Cruse bereavement counsellor will be able to support you well in your loss, and you can move forward better with support. When people support you well and give you understanding for as long as you need this it does help your grief.
Clare I lost my husband of 44yrs. 8 months ago to cancer. I don't discuss how I feel with family or friends because they wouldn't understand. What I have felt is that people are happy enough if I am laughing or showing I am moving forward. I cry in private and don't discuss how I feel because what I don't need is for any insensitive person to compound my grief and make me feel worse. But I know how you feel, and what you are saying. It is a really painful place to be. My daughter booked a Pantomine for today. I made the effort. I really enjoyed the show. But I had my husband on my mind the whole time. I got flashbacks of him during this show. I thought about my Steve the whole time. So it doesn't matter even if you make the effort and try as hard as you can to move forward. You can't FORCE GRIEF. You can't push yourself forward even with positive thinking. People can understand a physical injury better if they can see it. Yet the emotional suffering is greater and more difficult to be treated or understood, long term. Grief is much the same way. Anyone who hasn't experienced this won't have a clue about Grief. I hope that you soon do get the support you need and that you will become a happier person again in time. Once again I am sorry for your loss.

Jan 05, 2013
Forever in My heart
by: Clare

Hi there,
I'm Clare an i'm 21 and i live in England, I've just lost my Boyfriend in an accident about a month ago, he was out walking one morning and slipped and fell in to the river an wasn't found until 2 weeks after he went missing so i know exactly how you feel. its so hard being without them an i keep asking why did Tom leave me hear on my own, we had planned our future together and it just feels so unreal that he's not hear any more. I miss every little thing about tom and its so annoying when people say it'll get easier because i know it wont and i know i've lost the love of my life and my best friend. My friends are already getting fed up of me talking about tom and are saying to get over it but thats because they don't understand what it feels like. so i hope you have people that will listen to you and will support you better than i have xx
I know where you are coming from because i feel the same way right now and i don't know what to say to make it better because nothing really will. I just hope that all the memories you made together will bring you comfort and happiness in the near future. xxx :)

Jan 04, 2013
Forever in my heart <3
by: Doreen U.K.

Hannah I am sorry for your loss of your forever friend to a sudden death.
Death is such a devastating event in anyone's life that tears us apart and we seem to grieve forever. We can never understand why our loved ones have to leave us. Especially one so young and who had his whole life ahead. But we never know what can happen to any one of us at any time. We never know what God protects us from being harmed when we pray over our going out and for travelling mercies. I can't understand why some people are healed from cancer and other diseases and some aren't they just die. Today I watched the God channel from America and Billy Graham was talking all about death and life and our Hope of a future life to come in heaven where we will be happy and reunited with our loved ones forever. This knowledge with help sustain us in the days ahead.
I hope that your heart will heal from the pain and sorrow in your heart over your loss.

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