forever in my heart mommy

by kayluh

when i was 14, my life changed . my best friend and the only person who gave me unconditional love slipped away
on September 28th 2009, i was at my gmas funeral and i saw my mom . i had been taken from her in 2008 by dhs.
my mom had always been really sick because of her liver.but when i saw her at the funeral it was horrible, she was yellow and her eyes were very yellow . she could barely walk or speak. i hugged her and cried and told her she needed to go to the hospital asap.
a week later i called my mom, and she was going to the hospital by ambulance because she had collapsed and was puking blood.
i immediately went the hospital and she was so sick she didn't look like herself at all. when i had to leave i didn't want to i cried and cried and gave her a big hug and told her i loved her.
a couple days later i called and my uncle answered. i asked if i could talk to my mom, he said she couldn't talk, i asked why and he said she was hooked up to tubes and on life support,. i immediately rushed to the hospital she was in icu. i walked in the room and it was the worse thing to ever see, my brother was by her side crying and holding her hand. i sat next to him and grabbed her hand,. she opened her eyes, and it hit me, my mom was really slipping away.
i told her shed be okay and to have hope like she always told me.
we stayed there for almost a week, and she wasn't getting any better. she slept and was getting weak.
they took me into a quiet room and my family was saying they were gonna take her off the machine, i burst into tears screaming and hollering ,. i didn't want to say goodbye to her i wasn't ready and never would be.
the next day hey took her off. she was barely breathing on her own. she just slept and didn't move.

i slept next to her with my brother on chairs.

it was 3 days later and she was still barely alive so they decided to move her to the fifth floor. but being in the hospital i caught h1n1. i had to leave and that hurt so bad because i didn't want to leave her.
i slept all day at my dads. ad my step sister came up to my room and told me my mom had passed away. i rolled over and went back to sleep. it didn't hit me til at the funeral when they closed her casket . i cried into my brothers arms. it was real, my mom was gone and wasn't coming back,.
even today it still is fresh , the pain. i still wanna cry cause i miss her so much and watched her slip away an couldn't do anything about it.
i miss my mom everyday and always will. losing her at 14 hurt so bad, cause she ain't here physically., but i know she is always with me now and she will never be forgotten she was the best mom i could ask for
"even though your gone your love lives on forever in my heart"
r.i.p Mommy

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Jul 17, 2012
I know
by: Phyllis Pickett

I lost my son exactly the same way, he was an alcoholic, I traveled from places to place detox, dr hospitals, he just would not stop drinking& his liver was killing him he bleed out twice but they managed to stop it, they warned him he would not make it the 3rd time, he died in surgery, I know the horrid longing to have them again. The Dr gave me drugs, they don't help that much. We must try our best to be good pray for them so we can be with them forever in heaven, I can't wait to see my Chad I will pray for you darling, I wish we lived close so we could help each other. God Bless you & your family. Phyllis!

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