Forever In My Heart

by Liz chairmonte

On march 26,2012 was the worst day of my life. I was sitting at my table when i found out the one of my good friends had taken his own life. I sat there balling my eyes out i didn't know what to do i was heart broken. I kept asking myself why? Out of all people i never would of thought he would do something like his. Never crossed my mind that id be writing rip bryan abrams. This kid ment the world to me i would done anything for him. he was always the one who would put a smile on me in class pulling pranks on each other just having a good old time. i ended up staying up all night. there was no way i was sleeping this one off. i didn't seem real to me it felt like a nightmare i couldn't wake up to. And i wanted to wake up the next day and see his perfect smile in school. that day change my life for sure. til this day cant explain how much i miss him. still cant believe hes actually gone. all i want to do is give him one last hug. tell him how much i love him and how much he meant to me.i would do anything in the world to get him back. i try everyday to stay strong just for him but know hes gone i just lose it. Days after i found out there didn't go my way and continued to stay that. there was days where i wanted to be with him more than i did here on earth but i kept strong. the way i felt on march 26 til now will never change. People say i got stronger but i know i didn't its to soon for anyone to know. I wish he was back but i know head happy where he's at know. I love you bryan j abrams. your truly missed. march 26 is a day ill never forget. your forever in my heart <33

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Mar 08, 2013
by: liz chairmonte

Thank you. i appreciate it. when i was in school i had to go see the schools psychologist. i went to her a few times and i guess you can say it worked. I've been wanted to see someone about it just so i have someone to talk about it. but i just didn't want my parents to find i was going there. But i do have some to talk to about it whenever i need then. its not a professional but atleast its someone

Mar 08, 2013
Forever In My Heart
by: Doreen U.K.

Liz I am sorry for your loss of your very good school friend. It is the worst feeling ever to hear the news of someone you loved has ended their life for whatever reason. More so if there was no hint or expression of this happening.
I felt like this 6 yrs. ago when my 30yrs old nephew threw himself in front of an express train and broke our lives forever. My sister was so broken she needed the support of a grief counsellor to go to her home to support her. She has healed somewhat from her loss but she will have the scars forever.
One just never knows how deeply another person is suffering and in the spur of the moment they end their lives. Their main focus is on their pain and to them they are not killing themselves. They are ending their pain without processing what this means. No one can anticipate the WHY? did it happen. "How could I not know?" "Why didn't he talk to me about how he was feeling?" Often a person can be so alone with their thoughts they cannot include anyone else. It is just them and the world and they just want to STOP THE WORLD AND GET OFF. I felt this way many times. I went into counselling late in life and this was the saving of me. If you are struggling go and get some grief counselling. It is the wise thing to do as most losses from suicide require the support of a grief counsellor.

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