Forever in my heart~never forgotten

by Danyell hatfield
(Louisville,ky USA)

My sister was 13 years young when she passed away. I was 10 years old when she passed away. She passed away November,12,2010 at the children's hospital it was 11:10 pm when she passed away. Her name is Christen Lynn Anderson. She had cystic fibrosis,severe asthma,severe reflux and seasonal allergies. She was also in complete liver failure. The night she passed away at the hospital my mom made my dad take me and my younger sister home because she didn't want us to see my sister in the hospital bed,she thought it would have scared us. The next day that morning when I woke up all I heard was my dad outside crying and coughing. So I went outside to see what was wrong but he said that his head ache but I knew that wasn't what was wrong. Right then and there I knew that she left me. No one had to tell me, I knew because I remembered that she was in the hospital. So I was thinking to myself why did she have to leave me,why did Jesus take her? So then my dad came in the house and said that my mom wanted us home. He took me and my little sister to my moms house. When we got there everyone was sitting on the porch crying. The first thing I noticed was that my sister wasn't there. So I said she is gone isn't she. That's when my mom said christen is in heaven now, but Chloe didn't understand, so she asked mommy when is she coming home, all I could do is cry when she asked that. Why did she have to leave me we was so close we did everything together. Even though we were sisters she is still my best friend. Now all I do is stay in my room by myself. I don't know what to do anymore. Now if christen was still here she would be 6 years young. I am 12 now I will be 13 in December. Next month, November,12,2013 it will be 3 years that she has been gone,but my friends and boyfriend has helped me get through a lot. I regret this one time that me and Christen got into an argument . I just miss her so much. Now all me and my little sister fight so much. I know that we shouldn't be fighting because I have done lost one sister, I don't want to lose another she is like the only blood sister that I have left, I have other siblings they just don't have the same mom or same dad,I just don't want to lose another, don't know what I would do if I lost my younger sister, I would probably try to run away. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I just wish I could just hear or see my sister one more time. Rest in heaven sissy, I love and miss you so much. Thanks for letting me share my story.

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Oct 14, 2013
Forever in my heart~never forgotten
by: Doreen UK

Danyell this is a sad situation. I am sorry for your loss of your sister at such a young age. Your mom and dad tried to make the best decision to protect you from death and loss of your sister. Your sister was sick and so died. You need to talk to either your mom and dad and let them know how you feel about the loss of your sister and how this is affecting you now and your relationship with your other blood sister. If no one hears you then try a counsellor. It is possible to resolve your losses in a counselling room with the help of a professional. I HAVE DONE THIS. IT WORKS. You will find great release from what is going on inside you. You will get your life back in new ways and it will help the rest of your life. You are far too young to just put up with things the way they are which won't improve by doing nothing. You need to talk to someone and get out of your system all this pain which is interfering with your life and causing you to not want to engage in life again. Staying in your room is not the answer. Find someone who you can talk to. This is the first step. As you mature life will get better. But take one stage at a time. You can also keep a journal and write in this all your feeling about losing your sister and what this has done to you and your family. This will get a lot of the hurt and pain out of your system. You can also structure your journal in a way of writing letters to your sister as if she was here with you and you were talking to her in person. Only you will be writing down what you want to say. You will be amazed at how healing this is. Another therapeutic way of handling the loss of a loved one. Please write back and keep in touch to let us know on this site how your life is going. Best wishes.

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