Forever in your daughters heart

Hi, my dad passed away Wednesday, December 15,2005. It has been about 8 years. I lost him from a sudden cardiac arrest. It was a normal weekday, i was in jr high at the time when i got a call to the office that i would be picked up from a family member. I still remember the long quiet drive home in my aunts car, wondering what could possibly be going on. I remember parking outside my house and wondering why some of my family members were either over or pulling up. My aunt took me and my older sister to my parents room to see my dads sister balling in bed and my mom looking at us with a blank expression to tell us your dad has died and collapsed at his work while he was away on his work trip. I remember my aunts in the room hugging us so tight. Since i was so young i didn't know how to react. I remember being in denial and coming out of the room almost in disbelief. I remember breaking down and my uncle just hugging me. I even felt like it was a dream attending his funeral and then returning back to school after winter break. Honestly it hadnt hit me until a few years ago because i never had the grieving process. I had honestly never dealt with it but been in complete denial. Ive finally allowed myself to feel emotions of it but it has truly been hard to go through especially since i have grown now to be 21, i constantly face anxiety and depression and hope for this to pass. My dad was such an amazing person and i would do anything to have had the chance to say goodbye although he did come to my room the night before he left for his business trip. I wish i could remember the exact words he said and conversation i had. May he rest in peace and i hope to see him again.

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May 31, 2014
Forever in your daughter's heart
by: Doreen UK

Despite it being 8 years on from your father's death it will still impact your life because of the age you were when he passed and also having not been able to deal with the loss. The sad fact about repressing one's grief is that it is harder to recover from without some help from a grief counsellor. Also it can leave one with depression and anxiety for some time. This happened to me. I read self help books for years to give myself the knowledge to change my thinking and my grief. It only went so far to helping me. I eventually went into counselling and ended 40yrs. of depression in 4yrs. I lost my anxiety and depression with the skills I learned in counselling. You have to decide in the future if your depression and anxiety is recovering or still present. Many problems don't get better by themselves. We all need a little help sometime. I hope that you will recover from your grief and that your anxiety and depression does not dominate or interfere with your life in the future and you are able to resolve your difficulties around grief.

May 30, 2014
Dear Anonymous
by: Anonymous

I am sorry that you lost your father at such a young age. My father suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest last year, and the shock of his death still persists. I am a grown woman, with children of my own, but I was still a Daddy's girl.. I try to find comfort in my memories, and am slowly coming to terms with his death. It still seems unreal to me. There are so many things I want to tell him, and so many things I want him to see. We had a very special relationship, and I still cannot believe that he is gone. He would want me to be strong, and live a beautiful life, so I continue to try . I hope you can find comfort here and know that you are not alone. I will keep you in my thoughts, Barb

May 30, 2014
i am so so sorry
by: Gina Fedele

Oh my god im so sorry he died like that, guess what he died on my birthday December 15, 1996 i am 17 and am in high school! 8 years ago today I lost my grandma who was like a mom to me and i miss her so much! This goes out to all the people and kids who have lost someone, Time will ease your pain, This does not mean that you will ever get over it but it will get a little easier!!



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