Found my 17yr old brother dead when I was 15

by Anonamous
(Albuquerque New Mexico)

Around July 25th my brother came home drunk, He had a dirt bike he wanted to go on but was to drunk we were scared he would get hurt or worse he was (NOT) violent in any way shape or form. I guess he was talking kind of loud and the neighbors called the non emergency cop line. Two cops showed up and by that time my brother fell asleep on a chair in the back yard. The cops just walked in the back yard with out permission and kicked his shoe to wake him up. My brother woke up and asked them what was the matter. They were calm just talking. About 5 minutes went by and no joking swear to god honest about 8-9 other cops pulled up. When they went in the back yard the first two cops that were there started acting bad and being real forceful. Before the others got there they were just talking nothing seemed wrong. Then once they started getting rough my brother told them I have not done anything wrong either arrest me or get off my property. They started pushing him and me my mom,dad and brother told them what are you doing your using assertive force which is not called for. They put him in handcuffs and the second he handcuffed my brother they sprayed a whole can of mace in his face and rite after that 2 separate cops at the same time started tasering him, i was yelling at them and my family started pushing the cops away because they already had him handcuffed and I swear my brother was the calmest guy ever he was not hostile at all for them to start doing that to him. They took him to the D-home and was out within two hours. He came home and and was still in a lot of pain. We got a lot of ice and put it in the tube and he got in to try to subside the effects of the mace. I didn't stop so we had to call the paramedics. After about 5 hours later the burning stopped. The next day he woke up he complained a little about his thigh rite by his growing. He said it felt sore but no big thing. For the next couple of days he said it was still sore. On July 30th 2004 my mom went to wake him up for breakfast and the second she opened the door she saw he was blue. She started to scream and me my dad and brother woke up and ran over to see him unresponsive. He truer to give him CPR but thick red stuff was just coming out we were all covered in it even in our mouths we were trying so hard but it was to late he DIED. The autopsy said a main artery from his heart to his testicles busted and he was slowly internally bleeding. The same spot he said was a little sore. If you think about it two tasers at the same time that's alot of watts going through your body. The day before he took a oxycodone 5mg he was a big kid around 5"9-6"00 about 190-200lbs he took pills before I know he did not of he had a very high tolerance for any thing and how could pills make a artery bust inside you.He look normal when he died to coroners office said when she went for him he was rosy pink that he looked fine she just was too lazy. Then when they were supposed to take him to the church their Hurst broke down and had to take him in a mini we don't know what happend at all and the cops who did that to my 17 year old brother just got away with murder. Imagine what that did to my parents, and me i was only 15 and to find him dead and give him cpr with his blood on me in in my mouth and everything. You have no idea the shit that goes through my mind the nite mares I have and to know there was no justice served our government has failed me and my family more importantly the memory of by (BIG BROTHER) JESSE GALLEGOS RIP 1986-2004 your memory will live on FOREVER.

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Mar 21, 2014
The Lord is my strength
by: Anonymous

17 yr. old brother dead & you 15 yrs. of age. First of all I am so sorry for the injustice that you and your poor father and mother had to endure from this so called Police, more like Police brutality, that is what is wrong with our country, they think they are superman or something to that effect. Anyways I hope one day that justice is done for the murder of what this Police officers have cause your family. The pain, and suffering on top of the excessive brutality, which didn't have to happen that way. I hope you, and your folks are getting some form of counseling, and or grief therapy, because I know that you all need something to feel this anger, pain, and suffering of your brother to ease. I also recommend that you really pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to bring justice to all this madness, that has been caused by this officers who were of NO help, but added to the grief of such brutaity in their part. I will pray that the Lord will bring some form of justice to this, you know the Lord is our Vindicator, and he will vindicate those who acted in such a manner, that didn't have to happen this way. I hope one day you can fine peace within youself, because I know all of this is eating away at you. May you fine peace, hope, and comfort. The Lord is my strength.

Mar 18, 2014
by: dianne

I had to reply to your post I am so sorry for all your families loss my thoughts are with you all .I lost my eldest son he was only 21 was and still is the hardest thing any of us have to deal with .my son loved bikes and that and I know here be telling me stay strong an keep your Chin up that's what I try to do and I just had to reply I'm saying take one day at a time and stay strong I'm sure that's what your big bro would be telling you once again my thoughts are with you and your family x

Mar 17, 2014
Found my 17yr old brother dead when I was 15
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of your brother at such a young age. There is so much injustice in the world that you will wear yourself out trying to get justice for your brother.
I wore myself out trying to get the correct medical treatment for my husband in 2005 when he got ENCEPHALITIS. The GP did not take his condition serious and he was so ill in ICU for 2 weeks and nearly died. But for the Grace of God he survived. I took the GP to the highest Health Care Commission in the UK only for him to give my husband better medical care. It was a tough battle. I was physically exhausted but won my case for better medical care for my husband and the GP came to our home to apologise.
My husband ended up having a serious cancer caused by working with asbestos and this time his disease was terminal and he died 22 months ago. But he did get good medical care. Some battles we can fight and win and some there is so much red tape and cover ups and not worth pursueing because it would be too expensive. BUT. How do you all as a family deal with the ANGER at this grave INJUSTICE. You may be able to seek support from a counsellor. I DID and I was able to lose my anger and it just evaporated. You may also need support dealing with the death of your brother so that you can move forward with your life. You are of an age when this tragedy is now pressing for resolution and you need CLOSURE.

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