Fuzzee girl

by Benoit Laberge
(Lancaster, CA, USA)

FUZZEE and her Brother Mousse

FUZZEE and her Brother Mousse

Benoit Laberge

I am supposed to be happy today on Xmas Eve, 12/24/12 day but I am not. My little dog Fuzzee got killed by my neighbor’s pit-bull at the throat. My neighbor has 2 mature pit-bulls and 1 mature boxer.

I got home today and put the dogs in the back yard and went to home depot to get plumbing supplies because the back yard pipe burst open due to the frost. So there was no water in the house. So, once back, Mousse came to the door all excited and kept looking at the back door. So I called Fuzzee and Mousse ran to the back yard fence. He always tell me in this fashion where is Fuzzee by running at the last place he saw her.

So, I went to the fence and saw blood and fur. And Mousse was covered of blood on his nose. OMG. I knew the pit-bull got Fuzzee. But HOW? I was told later by the neighbor that the fence had no more nails in the bottom of the plank which the nails are on the neighbor sides. So I am only assuming that the plank got pushed away intruding their heads to my backyard and all 2 pit bulls and 1 boxer got Fuzzee by the head and pulled her thru the 5 inches space of the opening plank. HORRIBLE. I only can imagine how much pain Fuzzee went thru and how much effort she must have done to escape while Mousse barking and probably trying to pull Fuzzee back on our side.

So I ran next door banging the door at twice attempt. I asked her can you open the door and I ran in the back yard with her. She told me not too and she brought me a plastic bag with Fuzzee inside all blood covering her throat. Dead. Navy blue eyes with no more life. I was so hurt inside. I repeated to her again that her dogs are dangerous, especially Gucci, and she said: “We don’t know which dog did it.” I knew then she was lying or in denial.
Two months ago, 10/25/2012, early morning while I was putting the doggies in my truck, all of her dogs jumped the fence and rushed to my driveway. I was able to put Fuzzee in the truck while Gucci a pitt-bull got my little dog Mousse by the throat. I immediately opened the pit-bull jaw very fast, it was not easy but I did release the throat grabber of that pit-bull and save Mousse attackers.

Now, it is too late. Fuzzee was murdered by that same pit-bull December 24, 2012, Christmas Eve, and I was not there to rescue or save her destiny. I am sooo upset and I am crying my lost. Mousse is crying and keeps going to the fence when he goes out. When he is inside, he is looking for her as well. When I say Fuzzee’s name, he goes to the the back door and sits at the door looking outside. It is soooo sad, all that drama. That night, he stood at the back door all night and barking.

The Animal Control where I brought Fuzzee for the records, are associated in the same building with County Animal and Control. I have wrote to the Head Quarter in, CA about this issue and the supervisor took charge to forward it to , CA for action, and I hope they will go to see the pit bulls and determine the destiny of those vicious dogs.

I also got attacked by the same pitt-bull named Gucci on July 4th 2012 inside her house while I was invited for dinner and i got some scratchings on my leg and on my hand. It is the third attack on my person and this time, killing my little Chi-Tzu Fuzzee who was only 2 years and 9 months is not acceptable. She did not need to die being pulled apart by those pitt-bulls and a boxer. It is sad.

Please help me to ease my pain and remove those dogs from possible injuries to me or Mousse or any body in this matter from the CA State. Everybody knows about their stigma of being dangerous and no excuses for defending those dangerous dogs.

On December 25th, 2012, those same dogs were still trying to get to Mousse from the same area. Having tasted the blood of my little Fuzzee was a need for more knowing that another little dog was in my yard...Mousse.

So I keep supervised back yard going when Mousse is out there. Why do I have to do this in my own house and let those vicious dogs go on and terrify others? I am so upset and furious with the neighbor to whom I was friend with.

I have been in this house with the dogs since she was 6 weeks old and it has been now 4 yrs and never had any trouble. The fence belong to my neighbor and the maintenance seemed good to me until now, when those dogs pulled away the plank where Fuzzee put her little head to be the diner for those vicious pitts.

I am a muscular guy, but I cried for 3 days like a baby, and I allowed it for my own recovery. Now, December 28th, 2012, I only teared once today.

FUZZE my little love, you will be missed and I will always cherish your sweet hugs in my heart. She would grab my neck with her paws and touch my nose with her nose for few seconds, and she would bread my breath.......so nice.

God Bless Fuzzee.

Fuzzee is my little Xmas Angel.

Final Day December 24, 2012


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Jan 30, 2013
Beautiful Fuzzee girl
by: Anonymous

I am outraged that the law won't do anything! Please go to your city council or ANYONE who can at least fine these people! I was told here in Nebraska that any animal that would kill another domestic animal is vicious and needs to be put down.The next step is for a child to be killed. My neighbors dog killed my cat, but after attacking several joggers and almost biting another child, someone shot him in the middle of the night. I'm SO sorry for your loss and the stupidity of your neighbors. If one actually gets into your yard, you have every right to defend your dog! My heart goes out to you. Please know I'll pray for you and for Fuzzee's soul.

Jan 17, 2013
by: Pam

Omigosh Benoit what a terrible terrible story and so traumatic. My heart goes out to you and I am so sorry you had to experience this. I lost my Lhasa before xmas to bone cancer and I miss him terribly- I am sure you are the same. Thinking of you and wishing there was something I could do to help.

Jan 02, 2013
by: Howard

God Bless you and Fuzzy Girl. The consequences of a tragedy like this are yours only, the law never seems to be on the side of the victim in cases like this. I pray for you to be able to cope with this and figure out a way to prevent the neighbors dogs from ever having any chance to get a paw on your side of the fence again. If I were you I'd put up another short fence, I'd use rabbit pen type wire fencing, 1/4" x 1/4"- 2'x ?' and dig it in to the ground 6" or so. Take the neighbor to small claims court to pay for the assessment and installation of your safety fence. They admitted their dogs were responsible after all!
I have and love my doggies too. Your Fuzzy Girl sure was a cutey girl and was just as loving I'm sure. It sure is sad how neighbors can be. I can't even imagine how I would react to such a crime if I had been the victim, God Bless You man.

Jan 01, 2013
Keep the faith
by: Anonymous

What a horrible loss. I am so sorry you lost Fuzzee.
Do not give up the fight for justice. This should not go unsolved or unnoticed. Someone owes you.

Dec 30, 2012
Fuzzee girl
by: Doreen U.K.

Benoit I am so very sorry for the loss of your Fuzzee girl and how she died. This was such a sad and painful way to die. My heart is broken for you. I have lost birds in my garden by the cat and this has broken my heart to see feathers all over the yard and dead birds lying on the grass. It breaks my heart all the time.
FIGHT your corner. Write letters. lobby your senator. Do what you have to.
I don't know what your laws are? In England any animal who kills is put down. They are taken away and they lose their lives. I do feel sad that the dogs are put down because I don't like the fact they have to die. But what else do you do. If affordable? You could get a brick wall put up on your side so that you are not denied owning a pet. Have the Wall High. Only other option is To not keep a pet under these dangerous circumstances. It is the only way to keep Peace with the neighbours. OR MOVE HOME. I know I have given you some EXTREME OPTIONS. But this is all I can think of to safeguard owning a Pet. You as the owner has a responsibility when you keep a pet to keep it safe. Your neighbour is responsible for owning dangerous dogs and not taking better care of them. In England this is taken seriously and the owner would get a large FINE and be restrained from owning a dog. I wish you every success in your fight for Justice for you and your pets.

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