My grandma (gee-gee) died in early 2007. I was only 7 going on 8 that year so I was so confused by the situation, and sometimes, I still am. She was a wonderful woman. And sometimes I feel like since I was so young, I still should have contacted or talked to her more. It kills me more and more every time I think about it. I miss her SO much. She still visits me in dreams sometimes but very rarely. I feel like if she was still here, some people of my family would be in a better or more suitable lifestyle if she was here still to guide those people around her or help her. Thats how much of an impact she had. IT makes me SO sad because the day before she passed I was on the phone with her saying how I was going to visit her the next day in the hospital.. And the very next day.. she was gone. I feel like I still never had my proper "goodbye" and THAT really kills... Love you gee-gee. You were the best....


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Aug 30, 2012
Gee Gee
by: Doreen U.K.

You are so young, and yet so mature for your young age. you lost your grandma at such a young age for anyone to deal with such a loss. You are still grieving so this is why you wished you hadn't been on the phone and missed seeing your grandma in order to say good-bye to her. There are a lot of us who didn't get to say good-bye to our loved ones before they died. You are not alone here. Your grandma won't know how upset you are that you didn't get to see her and say good-bye. She would not like you to feel so bad and she would say that it was O.K. Go on and live your life. You will have to let go of these sad feelings otherwise it would hold you back from moving forward with your life. You are so very young to have so many worries at your young age. Talk to your mom or dad and I am sure they will agree and not want you to feel so upset. You spoke to your grandmother on the phone. It is good you had this contact with her. If you have a school counsellor you could talk this over and this will make you feel better and help you to move forward into a happier life.

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