Getting through this together

by Donna

Bryan has told me for the past 26 years of our lives that as long as we have each other and the lord we can get through anything. No matter how tough times got or what we went through as long as we had each other we always came through. But how am I supposed to get through anything now that he is gone?

I had my first real test since the funeral. I had to have oral surgery to have two teeth removed and boy was it hard. For the first time in forever, I had to go it alone. My youngest daughter asked me if I wanted her to go but I told her no. I somehow felt as if I had to do this by myself. Oh god the first real thing that I've done since he has gone to heaven.

I asked Bryan and God to please help me. I made it. It was hard not having Bryan there to make sure that I didn't need anything, because he was that kind of husband. I can't take pain medicine except for Tylenol or Advil, anything else makes me sick. So Bryan is always there when ever I have had any type of surgery to help nurse me back to health.

I miss him so much. Will this pain ever subside? Well anyway I guess as long as I ask Bryan and the lord for help or guidance I will get through this-together.

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Oct 15, 2010
Caregiver given care

Knowing what it is to be both the care giver and receiver of care, makes for some rough memories. I also had to go to the dentist and have some work done, scared out of my mind and no honey to say it will be o.k.

The support that we had, is gone. No one to be our side kick and conquer the world or the day.
But we CAN and will do it we have got us this far and we will continue to be courageous and do things that we thought, no way, I don't want to do that alone. Or I can't! Guess what, there is no one to lean on so we do what has to be done. And Hurrah for us for being able to do what we thought that we couldn't.

Yah for us for concurring this day and this new life dealt to us against our wishes.

scuse the spelling(sp)

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