Glenn! My Brother, My Buddy, My Friend!

Like any other day, I was at work attending our morning meeting before hitting the road with our objectives for the day. Just around 9am I recieved a call from my moms phone, but it was my sister trina on the line, she cried out Glenn colapsed and there taking him to the hospital. At first I felt a little panicked but got my composure and headed straight to the hospital, I started praying and calling people in our church to start praying, and asking God to take control of the situation. I thought when I got there they where gonna tell me that he'll be in ICU and he's ok. I was wrong, I lost it! I started sobbing out loud, I had such an urgency to see and be with him. You see he is my Little Brother, Born March 6, 1972 and he had just turned 41 a few day's earlier, Mar 6 2013. He passed on Mar 15, 2013. My world seem to just slow down, yet I saw its buisyness. It was like a nightmare for me and my family but, we where not gonna wake up from it! He had been working out at the Gym and colapsed, and never recoverd. The loss of my Brother was not in vein! In life he always wanted us to get together for just about anything. In his passing we did just that, got together as a family and suppot group. I turned to God and thanked him for the time on this earth with my "Baby Brother" although short, but not wasted. God has been at work with our familys since then and has been comforting us, guiding us, blessing us etc. To those who have living siblings, Please, make things right and good between yourselves, dont take each other for granted. You'll never know when Jesus calls you home and you'll not regret anything! My Brother left behind His wife, two daughters, and twin son's. We are so blessed and pray that God keep you, guide you and Bless you in your time off sorrow! In Jesus Name!

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Jun 26, 2013
My brother passed on the same day
by: Kimberly

Hi. My brother Tim passed on the same day as Glen did. I turned to God for peace and strength. It still amazes me how God can pull us through something so severe and make us better people on the other end.
If you are like me, you still feel the los every day. There are days when I wish it was me not him. But that wasn't God's plan either. I'm so grateful for a wonderful church family and parents that love me and are supportive. I just wanted to wish you the best and let you know that you are not alone.... March 15, 2013 was a bad day for two sisters of two very wonderful men. All my love from one sister to the other.

Apr 20, 2013
Glenn! My Brothe, My Buddy, My Friend!
by: Doreen U.K.

I am so sorry for your loss of your brother to a sudden death and how this has impacted your close knit family.
You sound like a loving and caring sister. Your wisdom is full of mercy. One never knows when they will lose someone from their life and this is why the Bible says "Don't let the sun go down on your wrath." WE are meant to settle our disputes as agreeable as possible before the end of the day. Only problem is most of us don't do this and we do live with regrets. I have found that in DEATH. Many families either come together or they leave.
You are a Christian with good values so I am sure you live with the hope of eternal life and will see your brother again.
Your brother is still so young and leaves behind a wife and children so this will be very hard on them also. You of course will be very supportive which will be very good for the families recovery from their grief.
I know only too well how helpless one feels at such a time when hoping a loved one will not die. I have had this feeling when my husband was diagnosed in March 2009 with a rare and serious cancer which was terminal due to working with a chemical at work. It was the worst day of my life. I sent prayers all over America on the God Channel and hoped and prayed for a miracle of Healing. My husband died on May 5th 2012. Almost 1yr. now I am still struggling with grief. But I live with the hope of eternal life and seeing my husband again. Jesus is the only one who can help us day to day. Thank you for your message of continued hope and encouragement. May God be close to you all as a family and Comfort you in your sorrow and grief and help you find Peace in the days ahead.

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