Glenn Shot Himself On Dad's Birthday

by Vern
(van Wert, Ohio)

I will never forget that night. July 11th, 1978. I was 24 and Glenn was 21. Dad was in the hospital for an issue and then my sister knocked on my door and told me Glenn was shot. I did not know the details at the time. It turned out that they said he committed suicide. We had to tell Dad and it was on his birthday. I never ever saw my father cry until that night.

It has changed my life forever. We were both athletes and good one's at our school. We both went into the Army and I served and came home with honors and Glenn got kicked out. I was partying and Glenn went to prison. To make a long story short. I am now a Christian, but the pain and the repercussion of that one time event has changed my perspective on life forever.

I still think of it a lot. I at times want to fool myself. That was many years ago and I still miss him so much. He said we would go through life together and raise our families together. He lied to me. I am left here all alone. Yes married and have two sisters but we do not talk. That has divided our family too. I feel so all alone. I wonder if he ever thought of the ripple effect of what suicide does?

I hurt!!!!!!!!

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Aug 13, 2013
Glenn Shot Himself On Dad's Birthday
by: Doreen U.K.

Vern I am sorry for your loss of your brother Glen. I don't think Glen lied to you when he said you would both bring up your families together. That was his intentions. Glen got side tracked with life and it didn't turn out how he wanted. Glen could have been influenced by his environment and friends? Which took him off course and affected his life. When he got kicked out of the army he must have felt like a loser and so went downhill from there and so ended his life. When a person feels so worthless and insecure and feels suicidal the last thing they can think of is the repercussions of suicide on his family. Glen's mind would have been so upset all he was focused on was ENDING HIS MISERY which means the only way out for him was to end his life. This was not his intentions but his misery dictating the outcome. Now you are a Christian you will in time change your focus and your thinking. Being a Christian one has more upset in the family as you try to live right and do things right and this won't always go down well with some family members and friends. Because of Sin and living in a fallen world we live with fractures in the family and this is why most families are dysfunctional. People marry and take baggage into marriage and the children receive the fallout of these difficulties and often try to work things out and at times impossible to resolve which is why some people use counsellors. You sound angry and disappointed with your family. Seeing a Good Counsellor could help you change your Focus and how you see your family. I did it and Feel fantastic. I developed skills I now use in all relationships and it is very healing to others. Do it for you. You have a husband and you would be a happier person for him also. IT WORKS. Your grief over the loss of Glen is still affecting you 35yrs. later and you may have been stuck in grief and would need the support of a counsellor because you have buried memories that are pressing for resolution. When these memories come to the surface and you grieve them they will never re-surface again. You will feel a different person. I have 5 siblings. Some Christian and some not. We don't all get on for different reasons. Different lifestyles. But those of us who Respect each other and their lifestyles get on better. The key is RESPECTING ONE ANOTHER. I wish you all the best in trying to resolve the losses in your life and cope with your grief. Don't give up! Life will get better in time.

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