God has save my life

by Miss Dee
(jakarta, indonesia)

I almost getting married with my fiance before i found out that he had betrayed me. Just 2.5 months before our wedding, I've found out that he was cheating on me and made that girl pregnant. The girl is a bitch who usually slept with so many guys. and she knows that my fiance will getting married with me.

It really broke my heart. i feel so sad, disappointed, down, and hateful. I can't believe how easy he has forget hundreds of good things I've done just by one silly mistake. He used to said that i am the nicest person and best thing happens in his life. he can't lose me and he can't find someone better than me. he still said that sentences one day before I've found out.

After i've found out about his stupidity, he said that if that bitch is not pregnant, he still marrying me and never told me that he had cheat on me. what a jerk and bastard he is!!! i can't believe that i've known him and believe on everything he said to me that he is a loyal person and never lie. but what he said wasn't true at all. he's a psycho brainless stupid liar jerk. i can't forgive him for the rest of my life. how can he ruins everything that one step closer to the wedding.

Then i asked him to cancel all the preparations (the wedding place, church, bridal, pre-wedding picture, flowers, and etc). it goes 80% already for the preparation. and he has ruin it all. i can't do the revenge for what he did to me.

But i'm so glad that God still loves me and He has open my eyes. He saves my life for not getting married with that jerk. i can't imagine if i don't find out about this all. my marriage life with him will be miserable later. you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

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Dec 30, 2010
by: Gigi C

I have a similar situation, me and my ex got married first and then we have our wedding reception in 9 months later. However, in the 2nd month that we married, his heart fall for his colleagues. And what is most ridiculous is that mistress is engaged, too! They have decide to make a pack to get separated with their engaged person.

I was really really mad and pissed, and try to let go. And enormous night, i was sleepless. I just can't believe that he treated me like that, i was feeling so lost and i do believe that i was the lucky person in this world. But becoz of this, i doubt it. Yes, i'm in grief. i believe body has a system of healing, so i'm hanging in there. And i believe one door close, another door open that theory.

Sometime i blamed god of what he did to me, took him away from me. But i guess god has a reason. Everything has a reason, maybe i cant see that right now. But i believe it was his reason to do that!

Nov 30, 2010
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I have dealt with something very similar. I was engaged and planning my wedding to a man who was on and off with our engagement and finally promised on his life he would not turn back, and love me and honor me and wanted to marry me.

He then broke off the engagement and I found out he was dating another girl throughout this process. I understand your hurt and anger. It is an awful thing they have done. You are right though; us marrying men without character and integrity would be a horrible marriage and we would suffer even greater. Trust in God...He won't lie to you and only has your best interests at heart.

Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

When you find yourself standing on the precipice of uncertainty, remember whose footprints you are following and He is still on His throne. Keep following. He has a plan. Blessings

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