God will deliver you from this terrible tragedy, I promise because I am living it.

by Rhonda Landry
(Beaumont, Texas)

Someone recently said to me, “Yeah it’s easy once you don’t have to go through anything any longer.” Was that person ever wrong! When you lose someone that you have deeply loved—when you lose the only person that ever loved you unconditionally—that pain is always there. It is there when I come home and my beloved Johnny is not there to say, “Hey, Baby,” when I walk through the door. It is there when I get up in the morning and he is not there to say, “Good morning, Baby.” It is there when I roll over at night and his side of the bed is empty. It is there on my birthday and holidays, when there’s no special card and gift waiting for me. It is there during the day when the phone rings and the caller ID does not speak his name. It is there when I have no one to share the day with. It is always there. I just don’t choose it. I choose God. I choose healing. I receive what He has done for me. I wake up and choose God. I choose God with whom I can share my day, and I choose Him before I go to bed. When I feel the grief begin to creep in, I choose God! I cry out to Him, “Abba, come and pull me out of this pit! Don’t let me stay here!” Within a moment, He reaches down and lifts me up once again, because I choose God! Choose who you will serve. You do have a choice. You can either choose God by turning to Him and believing what He says about Himself and you, or you can choose the enemy by wallowing in the misery that he created in your life! I choose God! He is the only thing that can make you prosper above all things! From a psychological viewpoint, ignoring my grief would be considered repression. From a spiritual viewpoint, it is definitely progression, because my focus is on the only thing that can move me forward: God! After all, how much can one person grieve? I have cried an ocean of tears. At some point, you have to move forward. The psychologist would say you have to feel it to release it, but God says, “Don’t look back; don’t look around; just look up. Keep your eyes on me, and you will win the race.” Life does go on and mine goes on with God.

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Dec 06, 2012
Thank you
by: Ashey Belle Vernon, PA

I just lose my boyfriend of eight years four months ago. At first I was mad at my boyfriend for leaving me then I was mad at God for taking him. For the past week I haven't been able to stop crying. Then I picked up a bible that my friend asked me to read job a while back and just started reading for the past two days. It has changed my life I starting to find god again. Then I came a crossed your email and it a sing that I am on the right path. I am not a religious person but for some reason I fill like this is my calling. It has helped me so much just in the past two day and I will continue to follow him. Thanks you and I wish you the best in your journey.

Please read my story "**The loss of two of the most important people of my life** My Soul Mate and Best friend only 29 years old and my Mother 45 years old."

Nov 18, 2012
God is the answer
by: Annisa

I have lost two bf in the space of 3 yrs....at present I feel empty....but not at a lost...i have allowed God to comfort me....I do feel lonely and as though something is wrong with me...I am 29 and it feels like everytime my life is on track sometimes goes wrong...but i have accepted these trials..cause in the end I will be with my savior...I will hurt and continue hurting if so be it...until i am re-united with my God...

Nov 14, 2012
God's Grace
by: Anonymous

Only by God's love and grace have I survived these past two years since losing my son. I look to Him daily for strength and support and will continue to do so the rest of my life. I know exactly where you're coming from.......

Nov 13, 2012
God will deliver you from this terrible tragedy, I promise because I am living it.
by: Doreen U.K.

Rhonda, I am Happy for you finding Spiritual enlightenment from your grief and Loss.
The sad part is that we are not just spiritual beings. We are also physical beings which is why grief hurts so much. Jesus also WEPT. He also grieved over the loss of Lazarus. So we will grieve also. Grief is a process we have to go through. We are just told by God. Not to grieve as those WHO HAVE NO HOPE.
Herein the secret lies. OUR HOPE FOR A BETTER future when we are reunited with our Loved ones. But there are many who don't have a Spiritual Belief so perhaps you just may have lifted the Spirits of us all to continue to live with FAITH & HOPE, and Perspective as we go on each day.

Nov 13, 2012
In Your Shoes
by: Anonymous

This could have been me writing this post!! I am suffering the loss of my love and He is the only one getting me through.

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