Gone Already

by Marlena Fleming
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Gone Already
A piercing scream, a gut wrenching feeling in the belly
Yelling and screaming, anger and rage
Frustration, torment and inner turmoil
Not that, anything but that
Not him Lord, no not him
I was crying and he was already gone
No more songs or lullabies, kisses goodnight or standing twirl around flights or night lights
Just gone, taken in the midst and in an abyss
How could death be so cruel?
Where were they how could they not know he was gone already
It hurts so bad, so much pain felt like a stab to the chest
How could the one I prayed over constantly, cried out for desperately, constant intercession
Be gone already…there is a missing piece of my sunshine
Holidays are a bit harder to endure without you here can’t believe you’re gone already, my inner light is dimmer, you were my shimmer J.B.
I didn’t have him long enough I needed more kisses, more blowing out candles more birthday wishes
More birthday gifts, a chance to catch a fish, how could you be gone already
Who knew pain could feel like this with a need to suppress because if I let it all hang out
I would lose my will to function
How could you be gone already, I still needed to hug you I still needed to love you, still needed to touch you but your gone
Your last day of play, last day of smiles….why did death have to be so cruel to you
God please provide comfort, give peace to a hurt heart
It’s painful to think about you being gone, it’s painful to think about the tears I cried that day
I had hoped that God would make a way and surprise me by us finding you and everything being ok but the good news never came you were gone already
It’s painful to think about the tears, how could you be gone
How could you be gone already when we had so much time left to share?
How can I ever feel complete again knowing that there is a place in my heart with a small cutout?
Too much to bear an ugly snare and a cut with a jagged knife
How can pain feel like this, twisted contorted body because the pain is running deep
I need restoration, how can I bounce back from a pain that’s started to seep into my soul realm
Give me total healing cause I can’t imagine continuing to live this life with this hole on the inside
Call me te-te again, I missed that I’ve missed it since I last heard it
My only wish is that I get to hear you say that again
This love runs so deep and I wish you weren’t gone already so you can feel it

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Dec 26, 2012
Gone Already
by: Doreen U.K.

Marlena I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved one. You explain so well the gut wrenching pain and sorrow of one you have loved and lost and left you with so much Sorrow you wonder how you can go on in life with such Pain. Feeling helpless you stumble through each day hoping the next day will find you coping. Death is so very CRUEL to us. It leaves us bleeding from deep within that we wonder if we can recover. You SCREAM. Shout. Cry and no one can Hear your sobs through the silence that Death has brought. Everything is kept within so no one can Hear. No one can touch your Pain. Every day is a longer day than the one before and you wonder how long it will last. You look for tomorrow with HOPE that it will make you feel better, but it doesn't. Each day feels worse than the day before and it feels like an ETERNITY. Bruised, broken, battered by DEATH. You cry till you can't cry any more. A river of tears. A broken Heart. A bruised Soul. You fight another day. One day the sun will shine and you will see the Rainbow. A PROMISE FROM GOD. That all will be Well and you will RECOVER from this deadly nightmare that has blighted your days and nights till you can stand it no more. DEATH is but A SLEEP. And God Himself will come back again and WAKE our LOVED ONES from SLEEP. To RE-UNITE us again to Die no more. Because Death will be swallowed up and VICTORY WILL REIGN. May God be Close to you Today and Always.

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