Gone but never forgotten

by China
(Kentucky )

Yesturday on April 12, 2013 a good friend of mine shot herself. She was bullied, stressed, tired of everything & everyone. She couldn't take it anymore. This morning on April 13, 2013 her mom had posted a status on Facebook telling everyone the horrifying news. Me and many others were sad & cried for hours. Bullying is seriously something that should be stopped. People cause other people to commit suicide because of it. On Monday April 15, 2013 a couple of friends andyself will be going to the pricipal telling him that bullying in our scool needs to be talked about & needs to be looked at carefully & how we've lost a beautiful yet so innocent girl because of it. To honor her I are trying to get everyone to wear purple, her favorite color. Brianna will always be in m prayers & she always be in my heart. Everyone should take ailment to pray for her and her family for having to go through something serious and horrible. Good thing is, she's safe & loved up in heaven and she knows that her family and friends love her.

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Apr 16, 2013
She wasn't bullied...
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure why you chose to post that Bree was bullied. She surely was not. I can only assume that you came to that conclusion on your own. She was a beautiful girl with many supportive friends who would have never allowed something like bullying to happen to her. She was in my home on many occasions and seemed like a happy well-adjusted girl with typical teen issues...family, school, stresses of life in general. We all would like to have answers to the unanswerable but sometimes there aren't any. She didn't reach out to anyone on that fatal day and she left no note or indication why she would choose something so final. Her family and friends are devastated. Today we will go to see her coffin, tomorrow we will go to see her laid to rest. Thirteen years old is too young to die for any reason. Her mother is paying the ultimate price...a life of pain in front of her that will never heal. Bree, I just wish the decision had been different. We will miss you and always wonder if there is something we could have done differently.

Apr 14, 2013
Sad to read
by: Anonymous

Sorry To read your post about your Friend there is ultimately only two things worth talking about love and death or put another way beauty and grief, I hope you and friends find peace and courage to continue helping each other and find love as well as sadness ...

Apr 14, 2013
Gone but never forgotten
by: Doreen U.K.

China I am sorry for your loss of your school friend Brianna to a sudden death and the shock of hearing this the way you did.
Bullying is harsh and a terrifying fact of life for many who do go on to end their lives. Many people are vulnerable to even cyber bullying and end their lives also. It amazes me how so many people get off on this and think nothing of an act of the worst cruelty to another human life. No one can say sorry to her. There should be a penalty for this. Almost the same as if they took her life. Stricter penalties for this act would perhaps deter others from this act of bullying if they were made to take responsibility for what they have done that has caused someone so much pain they couldn't live anymore. The whole family bears the pain for the loss of a child, sibling and friend, not to mention the extended family. So many people suffering.
I applaud you China for getting with some friends and approaching your school Head and CONFRONTING THIS BULLYING. What is not confronted will never change. My condolences to Brianna's family and every success in your mission to confront bullying and giving a voice for your friend who will be honoured by people WHO CARE.

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