Gone in the hands of her own lover

by Elizabeth Moore
(Chillicothe, IL)

Hi, this is not a joke. This actually happened to me almost 4 years ago. I'll start off with the short version then continue into the detailed version of my horror. All my mom wanted was to be happy with her children and not having to worry about a man who wasn't even human. Selfishness came into the mix, well my dads' own selfishness that is. He took her life right in front of my little brother (3 at the time) and myself(14). She didn't break any vows or laws to deserve this. The things that made her happy were so simple that it was idiot proof to make her mad. She wanted a divorce.The statistics are that 1 out of 2 marriages result into divorce. You think that someone would just except reality for what it is and move on right? Well that would be the average normal persons' thinking. I've been trying to cope and deal with what i saw for almost 4 years now and i just dont know what else to do. I'm in a relationship now and my siblings are doing well, all i want is my sanity back.

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Jun 09, 2014
Gone in the hands of her own lover
by: Doreen UK

Elizabeth I am so sorry for your loss of your mother. This is such a horrific tragedy that you will all have been traumatised by seeing your mother die in front of you. It will throw up all sorts of feelings and emotions. Did you have good support to cope with this? Since you say your siblings are doing well? How come you aren't? What went wrong? Who cared for you when your mother died? You need to speak to a counsellor as this is a trauma that could affect your life in all sorts of ways even if you think you and your sibling are coping, it isn't till later in life that everything starts falling apart with the normal Maturing process of life. You say you are in a relationship. This is a change in the pattern of your life that has caused a trigger to take place in your life. What happened is standing in the middle of you and moving forward into a healthy emotional relationship. Deal with it now by seeing a counsellor. You won't regret it. You need to resolve this turmoil in your life and it won't go away by itself. I have done the counselling bit, so I know it works. I didn't deal with my life issues early in life and it caught up with me and interfered with my life. I had to do something about this before it destroyed me. I wish you well in your life and future relationship and hope it all works out how you want and you get the support you need to put an end to this nightmare you are still experiencing.

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