gone to soon babyboy 5-26-1987 to 08-26-2006

by joy lyles
(brandon ms usa )

I have another on here under someone killed my brother but i wanted to make one that i can explain to you guys my little brother was 19 when he died so young and so full of life and i have looked into his death over the past few years and i found the people that hung him in that shed like he was just nothing and i guess that's what hurts so bad cause it was a family member and it was over a girl i just don't get kids these days you fight over a girl there are so many out there and my little brother was so small like 4 foot 9 maybe 5 foot and 110 to 120 lbs so small and 2 big guys just strung him by his neck in a shed and left well of course they was the first to be on the seen they told the cops they got him down and tried to save him by doing CPR they broke his ribs compressing so hard but when they snapped his neck he was gone why even try CPR i guess to cover up what they done so it was ruled a suicide and was never looked into but i found out who did it too late the guy passed away a year ago and it hurts i cant confront him i need justice for my brother when i get it i can be happy

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Nov 30, 2013
gone to soon babyboy
by: joy lyles

Thank u buffy and i agree im going to keep strong and god bless you

Oct 14, 2013
gone to soon babyboy
by: Anonymous

Thank you Doreen and Buffy it means alot and some wise word were said and im gonna use them im im gonna let god handle it i do have 5 kids and they need there mom back so im gonna work on spemding morebtimevwith my kids i named my youngest son jonathan after my brother just wish he got to meet him but its ok he knows all about him and has been to his grave 3 or 4 times and he is 5 so i just dont know what ro do when the devil wants to come out in me sometimes i just want to hunt down thevother guy but my kids hold my back i love them so much

Oct 03, 2013
gone too soon babyboy 5-26-1987 to 08-26-2006
by: Doreen UK

Joy lyles Thank you for explaining further your loss of your baby brother which gives a clearer understanding of what you have faced and still going through. I am sorry for your loss and also for the circumstances of his death that has left you so very heartbroken still after all these years. I feel that you did a good thing by not just leaving it but researching his death to find out what really happened. This would have given you some peace to a point. That you knew the circumstances that led up to your brothers death. Sad to say this man was never confronted. But if you believe in God there is going to be a judgement day and he will be confronted by God himself. Because God set up that Law as one of his commands in the 10 commandments. "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" He will be punished in the end. But just think. You don't know what torment he might have gone through in his life for what he did. Some people who SIN like this meet an untimely death. Who Knows? Some even become tormented and this comes from God, because sin brings torment.
There is going to be a DAY OF JUDGEMENT. It is just so sad your baby brother died in such circumstances. Often our torture is How our loved one died. I guess this is what torments you. The knowledge that your brother suffered before he died. It hurts so deep when we cannot take away our loved one's pain. I had to watch my husband's cancer pain for over 3yrs. Just imagine the mentality of these 2 men involved in your brother's murder. They took a life without mercy or regard for life. Driven by anger they robbed you of your brother. You may never get over your brother's death. But I hope that in time your pain gets less. If you can't afford to see a counsellor you can seek God. His Comfort and Help is Free. God is our Comforter and in time God will heal your wounds and bring you out of your depression over your brother's death. Letting go of our hurt is not easy. I had to have therapy to get over mine. I feel Free now and 40yrs. of depression has left me. But I also had a lot of Help from God. He sent me the perfect therapist. Even though it was expensive. It was worth every cent. I see this as an investment. Never a waste of money for how I feel now. I hope you find inner Peace and freedom and that God will look down upon you and take care of you and your family. Your brother is not suffering now. His suffering is over. Try your best to find a way to heal. Start by doing something good for yourself each day. build on this and you will be nurturing yourself back into life and better emotional health. Your depression will lift and you will get your life back. Don't FOCUS on those lost years or your brother's death. Try and get your life back for you and your family. I DID IT!. You can too. Best wishes.

Oct 03, 2013
Sorry for your loss
by: Buffy Hamilton

Im so sorry to here about your brothers death. It is really sad & yes the kids today are just out of control! I have two sons age 26 & 18. I worry about them everyday because of how this generation is. I can't imagine the hurt & pain you are going through over such a senseless act. I did want to tell you though, that don't stew over getting revenge because they will get there's when they meet there maker! That's not for you to do. Your brother wouldn't want you to lose your life or freedom over this. Just keep doing what your doing by keeping his memory alive! Take care of yourself please. Sincerely Buffy...

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