Gone too soon !

by Stephen

Max Passed  Away 17/10/2011

Max Passed Away 17/10/2011

Max, my peikeneese was the love of my life, apart from my partner, We got him 5 years ago from the BSPCA in Bahrain and he was in a very bad way as he had been severely treated by his previous owner.

He came to us with one eye as his previous owners (Demons) had burnt his eye out with a match stick, and he had broken ribs.

Maxie very quickly became my treasure, and we bonded very deeply. I work from home so he became my shadow as I was with him 24/7
Two years ago I was asked if we would like another peikeneese, who had had similar misfortunes and a badly infected eye , which we adopted and had the bad eye removed.
So now we had two babies with a good eye each and they became the best of friends.

Two days ago Max started randomly screaming in pain, so we took him to the vet , we were told they didnt know exactly what was causing it and gave him a super pain killing injection and some antibiotics, that eve around midnight he had a major siezure and almost died in my arms, we managed to get an emergency appointment at the vets and waere told that it could be meningitus.

They put him on oxygen and again gave him pain killers and we brought him home again in a very bad state as he was totally paralised with his one eye open and breathing eratically,

I knew that his little soul had left this world and only his frail heart was beating.
We took him back to the vet early and they tried to boost him with electrolytes and give him another shot but sadly he passed at midday.
I dont know how im gonna live without him, my partner and I are devestated. He was our angel.
Little Mitzi is so lost without him and is searching everywhere for him.

If anyone can help me in my grieving process I am all ears and eyes.

He will be in my heart for ever !

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Oct 22, 2011
I Feel you...
by: Holly

Im going threw the SAME thing. I feel the same way. My baby girl was taken at 4years old. we have no idea why :(..

I feel broken. i cry and cry and cry. I cant even eat.
I can barely help myself now .. but i can tell you that we should be happy and grateful that we got to have such amazing pets and we had those years with them. We are going to have to just grieve as long as it may take us.. just do what we have to do.. and eventually one day we will just remember good times.. smile and laugh.

Just take 1 day at a time. 1MINUTE at a time. thats what im trying to do.

If you want to talk more email me .. hollydolly088@Yahoo.com
God bless. <3 Love holly

Oct 19, 2011
Thank You
by: Geoffrey Campbell

I am still crying while I send you this message, I am so thankful that a person as beautiful, loving and kind is in this world, and I don't understand why, but your letter is helping me as I am still grieving over the loss of my Miss Blue which occurred months ago. In my opinion, you will always miss her, but I do believe with all my heart that you will see her again, but not in this life. I also think this site will help you as it helps others, self included. I did become upset at the cruelty the former owners exposed this precious soul too, but I thank God (!) that you came to her rescue. If you need to you can write me geoffrey2300@hotmail.com and I will tell you to continue to be the loving, caring person that you are, and realize this dog made you into a precious jewel. I am sure many of the readers will be praying for you, as we understand your grief and the need of loving encouragement. Sincerely, a friend in Pennsylvania, USA

Oct 19, 2011
I know how you are feeling
by: Sonia

A week ago today, my cat Buster was killed in an RTA. I feel as if a big part of my world has gone. People don't understand or appreciate the depth of grief you'll be feeling, but I do. In a way it's the same as losing a close friend. You miss them more than words can say. In time, I know this feeling of devastation will ease, and that the grief will be replaced by happy memories. We have buried Buster in the garden. I find it hard to accept that although he's there, I'll never be able to hold or stroke him again. I just thank God that I was able to share his life for a short while, to make his life a happy one, and that he died knowing that he was adored. You will get through this. The love you had for Max will be with you forever. Mitzi needs you now as she too is grieving. Spend time with her to help you heal. Remember no one can ever take your memories of Max away. God bless, you are in my thoughts x

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