Gone too soon, missing my Puppers.....

by Blitz's mom

We adopted our beloved boy Blitz when he was just 6 months old. It was perfection and love at first meet. He was wearing a purple collar, and laid in my lap which from that point I knew we were taking him home. We have given him a wonderful home for the last two years, until just as of March 23, 2012 he was hit by a vehicle. So much guilt that if I had waited a few minutes to whistle for him, or if I would've paid more attention to the fact my husband let him off the tie-out he would still be here with us today. I feel like I have an elephant on my chest. I can't eat and am having a hard time sleeping. We had him cremated on March 24 and he was returned home on the 25th. He's home, just not the way I want him here. I miss his shiney black coat, white chest, and the unique white on his paws. The way he would bark and the jingle of his collar. To me, he was my fur-child. I haven't been able to venture outside due to the fact of the memories from that night. I have a hard time not crying when in the house. Everyday I wish for a redo or a time machine so I can have him back. If only I wouldn't have whisteled for him and if only my husband would've left him on his tie-out. I wouldn't be left with the images in my head of that horrific night. I wonder if I can ever forgive myself, or if he does? I would understand if he hates me, but I hope he knows how much I truly loved him and how deeply I miss him. And, how I will always love him and always miss him.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Mar 28, 2012
Pl dont feel Guilty
by: Sandy

Pl accept my condolences. On 21st MArch -2012 I too lost my pet cat -Poochie by my carelessness (I should not have let her out the previous night - She was maimed by someone next day early morning which caused her death - I have posted in pet space - LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHTNING .....) and felt guilty for which I cried my heart out. Even I could not eat or sleep and had the same feelings expressed by you. But we have to accept the hard fact that our fur child is no longer with us. Majority of our fellow human being just cant understand our feelings and they wonder why we keep crying after losing an 'ANIMAL' and taunts us for that. But let me tell you we should not be bothered by their comments. May your little fur child BLITZ RIP.
Instead of thinking about his last moments {which will make you sad ) think of the good times you had together. I'm doing just that and consoling myself. May God give you strength to bear the loss. Take care

Mar 27, 2012
I read my story
by: Veronica

Hello Blitz's Mom,

I read your story and it could have been my own. I lost my little Snow Snow on Dec 12th due to a car as well and like you I called to her which made her run across the street. Every time I hear a car run over a bump I am taken back to that moment on Dec 12th. I ran to her in the street and she lifted up her head to look at me when I called her name. I rushed her to the vet and probably did more harm than good by the way I held her. She died in my arms at the vet's office. I hate myself for my stupidity and for causing the death of something so wonderful. Like you I wish I could turn back the clock; had I closed the cat door, had I not called to her, had I taken a little more time to look for her in the neighbor's yard. But we can't turn the clock back so we suffer our loss and it's painful. I couldn't bear the thought of cremating Snow Snow so I sent her to a taxidermist. I am very apprehensive as to how I will feel when I have her back but the idea of being able to touch my little girl again I hope will bring me comfort. Lets hope that there is a Rainbow Bridge and that we get to see our little ones again.

My thoughts are with you.


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