Goodby charlie

by josie
(ny ny)

i had cancer almost 5 years, now i'm in remission i think what helped me threw it all was a very good friend of mine who i knew all of my life while growing up i had such a crush on him boy did i. Well i lost contact of seeing him around for years than suddenly i regained contact because of my daughter in which passed away not even a year ago as it turns out she had mentioned my name while conversing with him and she came to realize he knew me well. She got us connected again; him and i started talking and yes my childhood crush still had been there and to make a long story short i finally got my wish we got to embrace.

He would always pick me up when i was down from almost the minute i was diagnosed he was there for me he got me threw the roughest of times, he passed away and i attended his wake yesterday i had no idea he was sick in the hospital his lungs collapsed, he was a heavy smoker, i had lost somewhat of contact with him once again.

I knew where he lived but lost his number though i did spoke to him not so long ago and when we spoke he was fine, i just wish that i had known he was sick so that i could have been there for him the way hes been there for me. it just bothers me to know he went threw this without me being there for him so i could get him threw this... the way he got me threw maybe make him laugh or maybe cheer him up or even just strike up good conversation.

That would have gave him some self confidence but i wasn't but im so glad i got to say my last goodby, he was someone id spend alot of sleepless nights on the phone with who gave me so much encouragement... i truly do believe i couldnt have gotten threw this the way i did without him

Rip charlie ...he did'nt get to attend my daugthers wake when she passed away because he had no idea and if he had know he would have, but now he'll be able to see her again.

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