Goodbye, I'll See You in Heaven, Nathan Riffel

by Jen Tressler

Nathan is the quirkiest person I ever met. When I first met him in college, I quickly had a crush on him with the long hair, trench coat, doc martens. He would walk me to class and we'd hang out in the cafe all the time, talking and writing in these slam books we made up. At the time, we were friends, but I was judgmental and stopped liking him because I thought he was too eccentric. Over time, I found that he had had a crush on me too, but it was too late. He always seemed to value my friendship more than I valued his until I met him again, years later.

When I finally found Christ, I started going to church only to meet up with Nathan once again. We immediately became friends, but this time I had changed and I accepted him for who he was. He would always tell me how much he admired me and valued our friendship, even though he would say crazy things to the waiters of restaurants we'd go to like "woof, your face, do you accept child sacrifices" etc. things like that.

But Nathan genuinely loved God. We would talk about Christ for hours, always trying to understand how we could be closer to God even though we were imperfect. Nathan loved to write and wrote a lot about God. As I read his notes on Faebook, I tear up now.

Anyway, for the past few years, Nathan has come over often for barbecues, board games, camp outs, deep discussions, and much more...he told me I was his best friend, even. He even helped me get back together with my then boyfriend, current husband, through his prayers and intervention.

Nathan was so encouraging to me and I will miss him deeply. Holidays and BBQs are not going to be the same without his quirky but kind-hearted presence. He just spent tons of money buying me and my husband all this food that we still have to this day.

Goodbye my very good friend :'C

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Sep 21, 2014
Goodbye, I'll See You in Heaven, Nathan Riffel
by: Doreen UK

Jen I wish you had mentioned how Nathan died and when? It somehow helps my connection in how I post. You were probably embarrassed a little with Nathan's wry sense of humour to the waiter that probably sounded Juvenile.
Often people pass through our lives like ships in the night and touch our lives in a profound way before they leave. Nathan sounds like one of those guys who is a blessing to many and it gives him great satisfaction to encourage and help other's. Knowing God and having a belief system is so important once you find and really know God and who He is. He develops us along our road of life and gives us many Blessings. I hope that we can also be this for other people. Who knows what and how we Bless other's just by befriending them. It is then our prejudices disappear. It is not uncommon for us humans to judge a person by the way they dress and behave in a somewhat eccentric way. Many of whom don't feel very confident about themselves and needing someone to connect with and who they will make them feel valued and important.
I am glad that Nathan knew God and important because you will see him on the other side as we stay connected to God. This is our Hope. I too have had prominent people pass through my life who made a difference and benefited my life. I now go on to do this for other's. I want to be a Blessing as Nathan was. I somehow think this is what I was born to be as it brings a warmth to my heart that makes life worth living.
I am sorry for your loss of your friend Nathan.
With Him being a Gift in your Life.

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