Goodbye Ma and Pa

by Kaashifah Larney
(Cape Town)

When the year 2013 started I hoped and prayed for change and a better year ahead as 2012 was not the best of years for me. My grandparents are basically the glue to our family and as a grandchild it was amazing to have known and have them both for the past 19 years of my life. In January of 2013 my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer and our family was taken aback and in shock but hoped that she could be healed as we were given hope. My grandfather was one in a million, heaven sent if you ask me. He was always the stronger one between the two. On top of my grandmother being disgnosed with cancer, she also had arthritus which hit her bad four years ago and she was no longer able to work and was wheel chair bound. So my grandfather helped her and did everything for her, a true gentleman. In March of this year the cancer began eating into my gran's skin and she was deteriorating FAST. Our family took a turn for the worst as her time was near, evryone knew and waited for that call. To our surprise and shock on the 5th of March 2013 we received that call. A call I'll never forget, a call that informed us that our grandfather had passed on. No words can begin to describe what went through our minds, our hearts. He was buried and my grandmother as sick as she was attended. She then moved in with my aunt and my mother slept there every weekend after that as she needed constant care. On the 29th of March, less than a month of my grandfather's passing the day dawned upon us. The entire family was visiting my gran. And I remember before she had passsed her last words to me were "I Love You". She died that afternoon, In the arms of her children. My mother and her siblings. Watching her go was the worst for me but I've accepted it because she's out of her misery. Till today it hurts, knowing i won't see them again but they're with us at heart. And after 50 years of marriage between my grandparents this has to be by far the best love story I've ever heard and experienced.
Farewell dear grandparents, till we meet again. I love you both forever. RIP Ma Ilona and Pa David from your granddaughter.

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Apr 17, 2013
Goodbye Ma and Pa
by: Doreen U.K.

Kaashafah I am sorry for your loss of both your grandparents. I am happy you got to spend 19yrs. with them that enriched your life with good memories.
WE are never prepared to lose loved one's from our life even if we know we will all die one day. Life was meant to be embraced and enjoyed. Your grandparents fulfilled this need for your family. I never had this pleasure of knowing my grandparents. But I am one now to a 2yrs. and 4yrs. old. My sadness is that losing my husband to cancer almost coming to 1yr. now that He won't experience the joy of the lovliest grandchildren who are such a joy to be in my life.
You should keep a journal and record all these loving and precious memories that you will have forever. Somehow writing down our history makes it more precious and you can pass this on to your own family so the memories are never lost.

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