Goodbye to th ebest people of my life

by vivi

I am 14 years old, when i was 6 we moved in with my great granparents to take care of them.I was recently grounded big time so i started taking more care of my great grandparents,and when i was finally getting happy about the whole grounded situation,my great uncle,one of my great grandparents kids came home from iraq (he is in the military or something) he was sitting in the living room with me and great grandmother had just gotten an oxygen tank hooked up that day and she was sitting down eating.I looked at her and i saw terror in her eyes.When i got up it looked like she was having truble breething.My great uncle started panicing,and i ran upstairs to get my stepdad.We ran down stairs i started calling the ambulance and my stepdad and great uncle started following the operators instructions.When the ambulance got there they started doing a very vilont form of cpr and it shocked me how hard they were punding on her chest.My great grandma flatlined twice and then they got her stable and took her to the hospital.she was in a coma for one whole week while family flew down.the day after my other great uncle got here from washington my was very hard for me.What was even worse was having to tell my great grandpa who has truoble remebering things that she had passed.That all hapened August 13 2011.In december my grandpa got a new bath lady and we liked her alot because she looked like my grandpa's and grandma's,old boss and she was nice and did a very nice job with the bathing.Well my grandpa had fallen going to the bathroom in the middle of the night because of a sudden burst of energy he he climed over the rail of his bed and went to the bathroom and fell.we got him x-rayed and nothing was broken but he was very sore.a few days later the bath lady came and he did not want to get out of bed so we called the hospice lady and she called the ambulance just to be on the safe side.they took him to the hospital.a week later he passed on December 14 2011.I miss them bunches.i can't watch channel * which is univison because it depresses me.I can't listen to mariachi music becuase it depresses me.Every night i cry and pray to them and i just hurt worse every day.i can't talk to my family becuase i am going thru and ocword stage and i don't want to talk to family does not know how much i am hurtung inside and i don't know what to do.i miss my Great Grandparents very much and that was a very tramatic experiancefor me and i don't know how to handle my pain.

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Feb 21, 2012
Keep the good times


I'm very sorry for your loss. The pain of your great-grandparents passing will ease. Aren't you glad that you have lovely memories to keep close to your heart? Let go of the bad memories and keep only the good. Talking about them and looking at pictures will help. Buy a journal and write down your favorite stories about them. When you are lonely or missing them, read the stories and look at the pictures. When you grow-up and have children, you will be able to pass on those memories,written by you, so that your precious great-grandparents will always be remembered.
God Bless you as you journey through this difficult time. It will get better. In the meantime, live your life to the fullest. You will see them again.

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