In February, my grandpa passed away from Lung Cancer from asbestos apparently. We got the call at about 5am, I woke up ( which I usually don't do) and noticed something was wrong. When my mum told me the news. I was absolutely gutted. I couldn't talk, or do anything; I was just left there, standing motionless in the hallway. He was like a second dad. I remember going fishing, and getting 'dragged out to sea' by a massive salmon.

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Oct 18, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your grandpa to lung cancer caused by working with ASBESTOS.
My husband died from the same disease 5 months ago. This cancer is called MESOTHELIOMA and is incurable, inoperable, and aggressive. It takes appx. 40 to 60 years to develop. it is terminal. The disease is an Industrial disease. Make sure you have solicitors on hand to go through the compensation process.
When compensation was mentioned. I WAS ANGRY. I didn't want the money I wanted my HUSBAND. But further on the solicitors had a difficult time. The company responsible, had ceased trading and a new company had evolved. They ignored all the solicitors letters. She hounded them and would not give up. She was successful. But the process was insulting. One of the Solicitors gave us a hard time and my husband lost his 2years. wages because he was made redundant when he was diagnosed and the solicitor said that there was no guarantee that my husband would get another job. He had one lined up but didn't take it because he had to start Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy immediately. The solictor questioned my husband's father's job and whether he was a good provider for his family and did they eat good food etc. It was a total insult just to make it easier for the firms that caused this even if they did not know about ASBESTOS. they still had a responsibility. My husband lost a lot of compensation but he got some compensation that allowed me to pay for his funeral. This helped. Otherwise I would have had to sell our home. Life is a struggle trying to live on the half pension. But I am frugal and cutting back, and trying to keep within my pension. I live in England, but the American side are suing firms in America for a very small compensation of $7,000. My husband should have received $124,000 from America but they don't have the funds so he is entitled to $7,000 but nothing has been forthcoming as of yet. Your family should follow this up as it is your grandfather's right for his family to receive compensation. Any little bit is helpfull.
The Garvey family in "Little House on the Prairie" This Male actor died of the same disease
MESOTHELIOMA. His family are very ANGRY and fighting up for compensation. You can check this out on YOU TUBE. I hope it all works out O.K.

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