by Brittanie Campbell
(Kentucky )

My grandpa was my hero the person I looked up to and the person I could never picture my life without.we did everything together and I would call him all the time just to come get me.i would make my mom come get me and I would be at my mamaws house the time he got off work and be Ready to run and hug him when he got there.i ran to him to tell him I loved him but he didn't have that big smile on his face instead he had tears In his eyes he wasn't happy like usually he wasn't smiling ,I didn't know what I did wrong but it wasn't me. he was in pain and no one knew why except him.drs kept telling him different things till one day they figured it out.he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.that word always terrified me and it did him to.they tried to get him to take chemo but he wanted no part in it he wanted to live his life to the fullest,and that he did.he did everything he did before except he had tons more pain.everything was going ok he had good and bad days until he really got down couldn't walk eat or anything.i knew that I didn't have long to be with him. I knew my whole world was Ready to be turned upside down he kept telling me he loved me and it was ok and I told him I loved him and the next day my Mamaw told him it was ok to go she could do it on her October 17,2007 he was gone and wasn't coming back.all I could do was scream and cry and beg god to send him back but I knew it was selfish of me.he was gone for good but wasn't in any pain at all anymore and in heaven watching over us.theirs so many things I sit and wish I could take back but I know that he was proud of me and always loved me no matter what I did.i don't understand it and I never will ,and I feel like it will never get any easier.
Always tell the people you love them cause you never know when it's gonna be there last cause I didn't

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Jun 14, 2014
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your Grandpa. Cancer is such a dreadful disease that is claiming more and more lives each day. I had this battle losing my husband 2yrs. ago to this disease. My husbands cancer grew inside him for 40yrs as a result of working with asbestos. My husband did not want to die, and he became silent just like your grandpa. It must have been such a painful experience for them to know they were going to die and could do nothing but let the disease do it's work and win the war. It will sometimes feel like a dream as if it didn't happen and you just woke up from this nightmare. But the reality is we have to go on and just carry on living and keeping the cycle of life going.
I never knew my grandparents. But I am one now and it feels so good to be loving them, and watching them grow. But the sadness is that my husband is not here to enjoy them. Life is sad and very painful when we start losing those close to us.

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