Greatest Love lost 9/13/12

by Scott C.
(El Dorado county, CA USA)

My greatest love died before me on a horrific vehicle crash in which I was following her home from meeting for dinner after work. She said something didnt feel right and wanted to wait a while. Before making the 30 mile trip up the mountain to home. I said ok and we talked in my truck before going. She also said she wanted to lead the way, which never happened because she thought I criticized her driving. We talked hands free on our cell phones till we got to the off ramp and turned them off. Saying "I love you and I will see you at home". We turned to go up our street (1.5 miles from home) we were about 100 yards up when I heard this deafening explosion and saw an enormous grey cloud. The tail lights of my greatest love were gone and there was a wreckage in front of me. I got out screaming "my baby my baby" to get a response and there was no response. I came to her side of the car and her hair was splayed like an angel on the inside roof of the car and her arm with compound fracture hanging out the window. Deputies arrived in 5 seconds as they were at the corner talking in their cars. They moved me back and said paramedics were on the way but no one seemed In a hurry. When the police Chaplin arrived I could not bear the grief. This happened September 13 2012 and my children take me from one of their houses to another. I feel so lost without you Denise. I hurt so bad I want to join you. Nights are the hardest. You would lay on my chest and go to sleep. I told you many times a day "you don't know how much I love you" you said "yes I do you show me everyday". I miss you so much. Your loving husband Scott. PS. You missed our 13th anniversary on the 23 of September it was horrible without you.

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Jan 24, 2013
I too have lost my love 11/5/2012
by: Jeri

Scott, sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you. I too lost my love to a tragic accident, he was on his way home from work. He was about 2 minutes from home a young driver turned infront of him cause him to wreck on my motorcycle. I was not contacted by anyone until I called the hospital myself to find out that he was there. Once I arrived he was already intibated and I couldnt exchange any words with him he was airlifted to another hospital and we as a family had to drive. By the time we got there we were sat in a room to only hear the horrifing news that he didnt make it. We were together for 22 years and our love was unconditional. These couple of months have be a blur and such shock and disbelief. I too feel like I just want to be with him because this pain is so unbearable. Your not alone and I know thats how it feels. May you love keep you strong.

Oct 02, 2012
greatest love lost 9/13/12
by: silver

There is no fix for a broken heart except when we get to see them again and hold them again. My love died in a hospital.I had to tell them to turn of the respirator that kept him alive.He would have died in a day or two anyway because his kidneys failed from septic pneumonia.I wrote a poem called:MY HEART. In this poem,that is what I say,that I will fix my heart one day when we join each other again. I don't think there is a "better" way to lose the most important person in our lives.MY children are also grown and have their own families except for my youngest(32)He lives with me.He works second shift so I don't see him a lot except on his day's off. One of my children lives in another state far away.One of them has a job that keeps him away for 2-3 weeks at a time.The other one has a family and works full time. Sometimes I don't know how I will make it another day.My faith in GOD is the primary reason I am still here. The other main reason is that my father and mother died less than a year before my husband and I couldn't see my children losing both their grandparents and both their parents in a 2 yr span.I was devastated enough without doing this to them. Some days it is hard to even get out of bed.I am trying.Others say to you it will get better with time.The problem is that time is different for everyone.This site has been my saving grace because I don't feel like I'm the only one who feels these things and because everyone is so nice.Look at some of the poetry.Some will make you cry but they also let me know that what I feel isn't abnormal.sending love and prayers your way GOD give you strength to carry on until time to get back the piece of your heart that is gone for awhile

Oct 02, 2012
More of my greatest Love
by: Scott C

What I didn't put in the first post was a habitual drunk and high driver of a raised 3/4 ton pick was speed so fast. He could not make the turn and was completely in her lane with his lights off he staggered away from the scene with the CHP. I would have killed him if they hadn't caught me.

Oct 01, 2012
I grieve with you all,,,
by: Phyllis Pickett

I lost my youngest son to drugs & alcohol 9 mths ago, I like you can not believe this pain, I loved him so he was so ill the last year of his life. He passed away in the 3rd surgery to stop another bleed out, I new it was coming but yet I still can't except it, I just can't believe I will never getr to hug that sweet big body again, help me cook the family dinners & watch chick flicks with me, he was my buddy & best friend my baby I will never be happy again, his birthday is in a few day. I do go to counselling some doesn't seem to help that much support groups are good, family the best & then good friends& prayer & just talking to some one you know who knew them about the good times & the things that made them the loves of our life, Chadds ashes set on my GreatGrandmas antique sewing machine with his hat & his glass, Religous medalhanging on a beautiful pictue, I keep him here with me then when I go I want us to be here as we will be in Heaven. I am so very sorry for all of you. God be with you & you as all who have lost will be in my prayers, God be with you!

Oct 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry for your loss. losing someone you love is so very hard.I lost the love of my life on july 14th we went out for dinner and he suffered an anuryrisum on the way home,took him to the hospital he never made it to the operating room, I just wanted to die I can't make it without him, going from my son to my daughter its just not working, and i know its hard on them as well.they say with time it will get better, i think i am going to need a lot of time, just how do you fix a broken heart.take care

Oct 01, 2012
Greatest Love lost 9/13/12
by: Doreen U.K.

Scott I am sorry for your loss of the greatest love of your life.
You may benefit from some grief counselling support since you saw this accident of your beloved and it was a sudden traumatic death. How does one go on from such a tragic accident? All the questions needing answers. Some answers won't come because an accident is just that. An accident and not always prevetable. The grief from losing a partner is the worst pain ever. For me also. I thought losing the love of my life wouldn't hurt so much. But it does. I dread each day with new memories coming. Then panic sets in and I suddenly can't believe after 5 months that MY BELOVED HUSBAND has died and not coming home. This is shock and disbelief. I thing we go into DENIAL to protect ourselves from the pain of our loss. Like shock absorbers work. the DENIAL cushions the shock. You will need a lot of support to help you through it all. If you are surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends this is such a help when you feel you can't go on. It all becomes too much and you can't handle the EMPTINESS and LONLINESS. I hope in the days and weeks ahead that you will find Peace and Comfort in your Grief and Sorrow.

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