Greiving mom, I loss my wonderful son who was a single father of 5. He was the best dad, son, grandson, brother and nephew.

by Leti.blan
(Los Angeles ca)

My son passed away in a car accident due to a heart attack that killed him instantly. My son was such a great son and father. It's be so very hard for me to move forward. He always loved his children and always put them first. He was a great father and loved his children endlessly. I still grieve for him. He was my first born and always so loving with his children and his family. I miss him soo much. He died on Sept 14, 2012. I will never forget the horrible news I received and I just wanted to die with him. He loved his children and always put there first before him. He was a very humble young man and worked for the city of los Angeles as a inspector to make sure the play grounds were safe for the children. My heart breaks everyday. I need my baby back. I read in my bible that I will be reunited with him when it's my turn to leave the world. Rest in peace my angel and mom will be back in your arms. Our lord promises us. I can't wait. I miss you so very much and you were my life. I pray every day and nite to give me the strength to ease my pain and take care of his beautiful well manner children that he taught very well. Please god help me to be strong for my grand babies and be able to ease this horrible heartache we all have in our heart. God blessed me with three beautiful respectful and spiritual children. Please pray for me to move forward and only think of all the wonderful life he gave me as a wonderful son. I will be with my son soon. Rest in peace angel. Mama loves you and will be with you again. Thank you lord for carrying through these horrible times. My children are my life and my grand kids as well as my wonderful family that has held me up. I know I couldn't of done it without our lord and my family. Please for me to heal and have nothing be great memories with my first born. In Jesus name amen!!

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Aug 01, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

Thank you Doreen, your kind words has made me feel much better. I'm sorry about your husband, but know we will be with again.i just now in my last stage of grieving . I still miss my son, but through then grace of god he has hear my plead. I'm doing much better and his kids are wonderful children with so much love that there dad instill in them. I pray everyday to help me be strong for my grand kids. I know they miss him so much. We talk about our lord will reunite us again with our love ones. I have follow the 7 stages it's. Help me so much. I was in denial. I wanted my first born with us. I never imagine that this would happen to me. The kids are doing great. I know my sons oldest is the one that grieves for her dad. I talk to her and have explain it to her that god is great and I know he went straight to heaven. He never left his kids with me.. They were his world. His anniversary is coming up on Sept 14 and his birthday is on Sept 28. I pray to god to give me the straight for his babies. Thank you Doreen. God bless you

Jun 01, 2014
Doreen UK
by: Leti

Doreen, you are so right. The more I pray and have gotten closer to god he has been with me. I truly believe the prayer of footprints, that has been so me. I will always hold on to our god no matter what. He has carried and continue too. I find peace when I set my morning and evening reading the scriptures . He is the only one that knows my pain and how much I need him. I ask him to help me ease the pain my heart so I could do the same for my grandchildren. Thank so much and god be with you and keep us close to him always.

May 31, 2014
Feel God around you when the waves crash in
by: Doreen UK

Leti when you say just as you are picking yourself up and doing well another wave comes and knocks you down. I understand this. This has been my way of life ever since I believed in God and prayed. God is going to make you stronger every time you are knocked down, look for the hands of God picking you up and setting you on your way again. Look at the footprints in the sand. When you wonder where is God when you needed Him. He was there all the time carrying you through it. Feel those arms around you when the waves crash in. These are times we have to Lean harder into God. I am learning to change my FOCUS from what is happening and putting the FOCUS on God and his strength and drawing on this.
Best wishes.

May 30, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

My dearest Doreen, your so right. I do a lot of praying to help ease the pain in my heart. I know it must also be very hard on you too have your love of your life leave you. God will help us get through. I just have my moments that am doing well and just out of the blues it hits me. The grandchildren are really doing well despite losing there dad. My whole family all help with the grandkids. There very involved in sports as they were with there dad had them in and they love it. It's me that struggles. I'm sure his oldest misses her daddy, but she doesn't show it. I try to talk with her about all the great memories he left us with. I can't help to feel that there hurting and missing him too. I pray everyday for god to help them ease that pain and have a healthy childhood. I know my son would of wanted me to do that for him. He knew he could always count on me. I have gone through the stages of grieving and it helps and makes scenes , but it's as I start feeling better another great wave knocks me down. I have all of you in my prayers and I do have the faith that we will see each other again. Thank you again for your kind and caring words. Leti

May 30, 2014
Anniversary - and the burden of grief still with you.
by: Doreen UK

Leti the anniversaries remind us that another year has gone and we are in the same place with our grief. WE HURT STILL. We cannot try to make sense out of a tragedy or accident that was out of control and one's ability to do anything. Our grief assaults us with thoughts of "If only" . I too wish my husband had never cut asbestos and ended up with a terminal cancer. But he may have died another way and earlier in life. I am greatful I had him with me till 65yrs of age. WE had no quality of life due to his punishing work schedule. What I have learned is to accept and not question what I cannot understand and lies within God's hand's to help us get through the rest of our days waiting patiently for Jesus to come back as he promised and take us HOME ON HIGH.
I understand how difficult grief still is for you. It feels worse for me now as the loneliness bites into me. For you it is painful having your grandchildren to care for, knowing as one gets older the responsibilities get harder because of the needs the children have. One's body cannot handle the activity that children need. I understand all the little things that are hard and not processed when one is in your position. I feel your pain. Look to God for continuing strength each day to cope with your immense responsibilities. May God continue to comfort you and strengthen you to get through the anniversary of losing your son and that God is always with you lifting the burden of grief and care for your grandchildren. Peace be with you, and your family. God go with you Always!

May 29, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

Hi son, it's getting close to your anniversary . It's been a struggle the pass couple of years. I still break down. It's still hard to look at your pictures without breaking down. Your children are doing great. I know your smiling down on them. I'm the one that is trying my best to be strong. I know what you would say to me. You have always said I was a strong women, but when you left us you took a part of me that no longer exist . I know your little brother misses you too. Danny has always been close to you. He looked up to his big brother and Rosie still is having those memories of you that no one in this world could ever imagine how deep the pain is in our hearts. Your babies seem to be dealing with it better then me. Lil Nathan will ask every so often how much longer will his daddy be gone. That alone hurts me so much that I have to fight back the tears. Your Marina has told him that daddy's not coming back, but when it's time for us to go we will be together again. Oh Lord help me!!!! It hurts so much and I miss you in so many ways. Everyday has been a struggle. I'm taking baby steps each day. Son, you know how much I loved the holidays and always decorated the house for every holiday. Since you been gone I just can't do it. Sometimes I sit alone outside late at night and talk to you. I wish I could have you in my dreams to see your beautiful smile. There's times I wish you never left home that morning for work, maybe it could of save you. I know your heart gave out but I feel I would of had a better chance to call 911. Instead not only having a heart attack but the tradgy of trauma to the head kill you too. Oh god, I need you back baby, soo very much. For the first time in my life I feel helpless. I've gone to support groups and read a lot of the stages of grieving, but I still have that hole in my heart that will never go away. I still could remember so well when I got the news after work. It just about killed me. I prayed and ask god to take me with you. But I guess my mission and journey is not done yet for me. I love my Jimmy sooo very much and pray every nite and day to ask The Lord when it's my turn to go If I can hold you in my arms again. You were my first born and loved you soo much angel. Rest in peace until mama can hold you once again in my arms. Love you baby Mom

Apr 09, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

It's going to be 3 yrs since my son passed in a bad car accident that had taken his life. I would suggest to go get help in your area, for grieving. Whether it's your child, spouse or parents. I never that I would be in the stage of my grieving. Yes, I still have my moments where I miss my Jimmy so bad. I've learn to allow myself to grieve , letting your self to cry scream pound on your pillow. There were many nites I couldn't sleep and still have trouble. I joined a support group and I use this website to understand that I'm not alone. I've always been spiritual and that has help me cope. For whatever reason my son was send home to god I will never know or understand. I do know that I will see him again and hold him again. That keeps me happy and strong. Such tradgy will never leave that void and hole in my heart. I've done all my 7 stages of grieving and more. It does not take away the pain , but allows me to accept it rather be in denial as I was for a long time.,I too wanted to die with my precious humble son. It's going to be a long haul. I must move forward as much as it hurts and realized that his children need me more then anything. I'm the closer to having there dad. I still break down. I allow myself. It does hurt bad that I truly feel my heart aching and the pain is unbearable. I know Jimmy would want me to continue to be strong for his babies. He was a great single father of 5. No one wants to be part of this painful club, but we are. I thank god everyday for giving the strength to move forward and take baby steps. I plan to volunteer in grieving groups to help others and many people as I can. God is great and all I can do is hold this faith to hold me up. I'm so sorry that your dealing with this hurtful situation and my prayers go out to all,of you. Grieving Mom

Mar 20, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Leti

Thank you Doreen. I pray for all of you to ease our pain. As I said before no one wants to be part of the awful painful club. Your are so right , we will see our love ones again as our lord Jesus promises us. It's been so very hard on me. I do my best every single day that goes by I struggle for a new day hoping the pain will ease and asking our dear Lord to help us all get through this painful time in our life's. I miss my son so very much. I do understand that god loan my Jimmy for a lil while, but it's so painful to let go. I pray all the time. The only hope I have is knowing that our lord promises us that we will be reunited again. That alone makes me happy. It's been 2 yrs now and I still am grieving. I don't think that will ever go away. I raised my children to be positive and always have faith and hope in our lord and they all have. There was a time I just couldn't understand why god would take such a humble loving single father of 5 that adored his children and always put them first. He made sure his kids went on vacations with him and enjoyed the love his children had for him. To this day, the kids always say. I had the best dad/ mom in the world. My heart breaks when I hear them talk about how much he love them. It's so hard on me. I hold on to The Lord to help me ease our pain and ask to be with him again. I miss him so very much, that sometimes I just want to go with him., but I know that's not right because his babies need me. God bless you all and I'm so grateful for all the positive remarks from everyone that has been through this painful . I pray for all of you. My god keep us strong. God bless you all.

Mar 17, 2014
Grieving mom
by: Anonymous

Dear Doreen , thank you for such beautiful words of encouragement . Your so right we will be with our love ones again. Jesus promises us. I'm so very sorry to hear about your husband. Just to hear the big C word is so frightening . The first thing that comes to mind is death. I'm a surgical nurse and very passionate with my career and with my patients, but you never think that it will happen to you. I am a very spiritual person and do have the faith in our Lord. He has carried me and the grandchildren through. The children are doing very well. I too have taught them to have the faith and love for our great almighty lord in heaven and has told them they will see there dad again. They have made me so proud and continue to keep the values that there father had taught them. They have been awarded to them with honors in there school work . All of you will always be in my prayers. Its been so very hard on me. All I can do is take it one day at a time and know we will see our love ones again. God bless you Doreen

Mar 16, 2014
Grieving mom, I lost my wonderful son who was a single father of 5. He was the best dad, son, grandson, brother and nephew.
by: Doreen UK

Leti I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved son to a sudden death. It is the worst news ever to hear that you have lost a close family member. I remember sitting in the Professor's office and told to my husband. "You have lung cancer which inoperable, incurable, and aggressive." "We will start Chemotherapy immediately. Just hearing this news I screamed in the hospital room and my husband sat there pensive not understanding it all. He was a very humble man in life and in death. I nursed him through a tough cancer battle for 3yrs.39days and he died 22 months ago. My heart will be broken forever. I know death is part of life but it almost feels cruel for the pain we have to bear as we lose our beloved ones from our life.
I have this Blessed Hope that I will see my husband again in eternity as Jesus promised to come back for us so that we could be where he is.
This was Jesus' mission to earth. TO SAVE US. We won't ever be shielded from death but Jesus came to destroy death forever and this will be in the new earth Jesus is preparing for us who live for Him. Let us hold onto this Hope and remind and encourage each other so that it will make our journey here easier. May God continue to care for you in your grief and to help you recover and bring up your grandchildren to walk in God's ways and also be reunited with their father. God Bless You.

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