Grief bursts

by Kate
(Texas )

Here we all come with grief
We are loaded down with the loss
Of our adult child
Sometimes I have grief bursts where
I am howling from within at my loss
Or I'm wailing loud from the pain of it
Death is tremendous to accept
These horrid steps we have to endure
Seem endless as we begin
Others say our pain will heal and the love
Will live .....but how .....we must go through
This torture of pain to enable this~that is what
I read .

I read I write I stumble I fall I cry I wail I hurt
I grief.

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Feb 05, 2013
My sweet son Aaron's mama
by: Anonymous

Kate....we are hurting so bad. I miss my Aaron so much, I can't breath...on top of all this, we are taking care of my 86 year old mother and it' s horrible! I can't even think most of the the time....I feel your pain and your loss...I don't think going to a tropical island would help, because Aaron wouldn't be there. So many memories and so very painful. I'm so sorry you are hurting. I'm sending good thoughts to you. Just hang in there hon...we have to for our boys....

Feb 02, 2013
by: Joes Mom

I lost my 37yr. old son on 12/23/12 , to suicide. He was in recovery from alchol and was in therapy. He was critically injured 8 years ago and seemed to struggle more and more after that.
When he finally asked for help his wife went to his first counseling session and then moved on with her 24yr. old boyfriend.
Joe seemed to finally be able to accept that the marriage was over ( not the new man being around his daughters ) but the marriage being over.
He was having a hard time knowing this young man would be spending Christmas Eve in his marital home with his girls and was going to go away to camp for Christmas Eve and come home Christmas Day , when we would have the girls.
He never made it,he returned his youngest daughter home that Sunday morning , to find his wife and her boyfriend there . His 13 yr. old was there too.
I only know what the Investigator told me, which was the wife's version , mostly, but my son and the 24yr old were both dead when it ended, from gunshot wounds.
I felt the sadness and pain that morning to the point that it became so physical that I had to tell my husband , I could not take it anymore. I finally text ed my son to tell him that I was very worried for him. He never responded. From what the Investigator told us ,we figured out that the time I "felt " this, was about the time in between Joe taking the life of the other man then turning the gun on himself. I believe the sadness was his, when he realized what he had done, then there was no turning back for him.
Joe was to walk his little sis down the aisle ,with Dad in August.
I don't know how to be OK or be happy with one of my two children being gone. The sadness is overwhelming.

Feb 01, 2013
Grief Bursts
by: Pat

It tries so hard to take control of our lives. It often feels like a satan; eating at us from the inside out. I have it too. We all experience grief differently, but grief bursts are very common. In the end, we really need to see grief as a gift. It comes to us, after losing a loved one. It taunts us like a cancer, but when we get it out and are on the other side, we can push grief away and tell it "good riddens to bad rubbish!" So embrace your grief bursts. Think of them as an antibiotic. After you take all the pills, the fever will be gone, and you will feel so much better. After you get it all out, you will find peace. You might consider some volunteer work that helps others. When we are helping others, we feel good just about as the recpients do. Take care. Let us know how you are doing. We care. We are all in the dame boat.

Feb 01, 2013
I'm so sorry
by: Lynne

I wish I could reach out and help you in some way. I too lost my adult child. A large part of me died the day she did. Nothing will be the same again, but we go on. I don't know how but the why (for me) is the rest of my family.
May you find more moments of peace. May we both get to the point where we feel the love primarily without the gut wrenching pain.

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