Grief is a like a Vulture

by Diana Cox

My husband and I found our 47 year old son on the floor where he died in the night from a heart attack. He was working on a remodeling job, something he loved to do. He was a master carpenter and had so many talents. Our grief is so great and his death does not seem real. His love for history, literature, and music was such a part of him and he could talk about almost any subject with people. He leaves a 14 yr old son who was his pride and joy. They were best friends. There is a hole in all of our hearts.

Grief is like a vulture that swoops down and tears a hunk out of your heart. You think, I will be ok now, but before long, you'll hear the beating of the wings.

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Aug 03, 2013
by: Kate

Grief over losing a child is horrid! I have never known this depth of loss! My 39 yr old son died and it was unexpected. Shock pain sorrow loss all together and yes heart taken by grief ! How to go on?! So hard! I understand, my heart knows your sorrow. We go on somehow but we change from death of a child. God help us all.

Jul 31, 2013
Grief is like a Vulture
by: Doreen U.K.

Diana I am so sorry for your loss of your son. I am sorry for the grandchild that will grow up without the nurturing of a father.
How sad to die so suddenly and quickly. My husband was also a master carpenter and He worked with Asbestos in his job and developed lung cancer which was terminal, incurable, and inoperable. He died 14 months ago of his cancer and I was his caregiver for over 3yrs.
What a waste of a talent. he was a clever man and loved his work. He had plans to make furniture when he retired by came out of work 2yrs. before retirement with this cancer and died 11 months into retirement but had lost all quality of life from diagnosis. I had to look in to the face of my husband who didn't want to die. He was so sad for a long time whilst I secretly cried inside with a broken heart. I feel that more vulnerable to losing other members of my family. I have 3 Adult children and worry about them more now.
To lose a child no matter how old is the worst experience of a parent. It will get easier to live with in time, but I hope you have good supportive family and friends to walk this valley of grief with you. It does help. I had this support.

Jul 30, 2013
Lost my boy to a month ago i m lost forever
by: Fabio

I m sorry for your loss and your son expecially but truste me there s nothing worse then organize your own son funeral i just lost my son only 22 years old already a pilot for an airline he die in a motorbike accident was ment to be a beautiful day for him mind you he was our only son no kids or wife by saying the word volture you have been kind for us is like more a sharp knife getting in and out in our hearts continuasly once again sorry and now enjoy your grandson he will grow to be a beatifil boy . Pace love .

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