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died at 18

My identical twin brother died when we were 18 years old.10 years later i feel just as broken as the moment he died of a car accident. I am very alone

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I feel like I didn't get to say Goodbye...

My grandmother passed away, in Febuary, from heart failure I guess... She had pneumonia and her heart was weak and it just stopped working.. I was close

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Two Years Ago; It Feels Like Only Today, My Hugo Went to Heaven

On July 29, 2012, my husband of 44 years, Hugo James, passed away in my arms after trying to hold on to life, in so much distress from the battle he valiantly,

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My father was a smoker for 20 years though he quit before my sister and I were born. I remember as a child hiding his dip cans, knowing that they were

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nobody understands

I lost my 23 year old son Lewis in December 2013. He was my eldest and I had him when I was 15. He had a tooth infection that spread to his brain. He went

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I lost my husband unexpectedly going on 8 months

I never thought in a million years that i would lose my husband at such a young age, he was 53 and i am 50. He passed away December 1, 2013 it is now going

Continue reading "I lost my husband unexpectedly going on 8 months "

I Never Said Goodbye

My beautiful son Kyle passed away 2 years ago. He was 21 years old. He had been an insulin dependent diabetic for 14 years. He never truly accepted

Continue reading "I Never Said Goodbye"

Daddy's gone

In feb of 2012 dad suffered a stroke that left him with a left side deficit he did therapy and was recovering well then April 1,2014 he had a massive stroke

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Rapid & Unexpected Loss of Mom to Cancer July 2014

It is all still so fresh and new. It was just ten days ago I lost my mother to cancer. She had not been in perfect health but it took a mere two months

Continue reading "Rapid & Unexpected Loss of Mom to Cancer July 2014"

My cat was murdered

It was on September 17th 2010. A date I will always recall. My cat had failed to come in for the night. I was out in the garden looking for her. Out of

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mom gone after cancer battle

my mom was 74 when she passed. My mom passed away May 23 2014. She had battled cancer for the past 5 years, and seemed to be doing well, despite losing

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hi i am michael i met kathryn no revar beach at a party she was thear with some one elase

me and Kathryn were together for all most 20 years I lost her in 2012 dec 17 245 the saddest day of my life all I could do was hold her hand and watch

Continue reading "hi i am michael i met kathryn no revar beach at a party she was thear with some one elase "

2 months and I still cry

It's been two months since my grandfather passed away with pancreatic cancer. I miss him so much and I can't stop thinking about him. I'm writing this

Continue reading "2 months and I still cry"

I miss my grandma

Hi. I'm 15 years old. I miss my grandma so much even though she's not gone yet. She's bedridden in the hospital because she's in the late stages of Alzheimer's/Dementia.

Continue reading "I miss my grandma"

A Guardian Angel on earth and in heaven

My guardian angel was and still continues to be my father, the strongest man I know, my very own super man. Growing up we were tight and knew we couldn't

Continue reading "A Guardian Angel on earth and in heaven"

It has been a year and my heart still breaks like the first day.

My mum died last year and the loss is still very difficult.Every second of every day I think of her and wish for one more minute with her, she died in

Continue reading "It has been a year and my heart still breaks like the first day."

Mike Wilson

In 1981 my senior year in high school i lost my mother to a sudden heart attack. in 1988 i lost my brother to cancer. In 2009 I lost my father who was

Continue reading "Mike Wilson"


30 years ago a star fell from the sky, Everyone here was blessed by your light Even if only for a while. We all have our memories of you So many its hard

Continue reading "Matt"

Our little Princess, Miss Gigi

I thought I would be better prepared for having to make that awful decision and living with the aftermath. But I was so very very wrong. Our little girl

Continue reading "Our little Princess, Miss Gigi"

2 years on. Will it ever get better?

Left my wife (we had been together for ten years) about a year and a half ago after I found out she'd been cheating on me. I have good days and bad days.

Continue reading "2 years on. Will it ever get better?"


Olliver and I were married for 23 years, but it turned out that for the last five years of that he was having an affair. At 18 months from the end I knew

Continue reading "Hilary"

please help I just lost my 19 year old son 3 days ago

My baby boy was in a 4 wheeler accident July 16 at about 7 pm he was air lifted to the hospital when we arrived the nurse chaplain came to us told us we

Continue reading "please help I just lost my 19 year old son 3 days ago "

That time that my sister died

I never really knew my sister. At the time she died, it was a little bit surreal, as no-one really told me what was happening. I was 14, my mum had rushed

Continue reading "That time that my sister died"

my dear brother kumar no more. I miss you my dear brother

My lovely brother 33 years old is no more on 25 may 2014. Very sad day through out my life. On 25th I went to sleep around 10pm I got a phone call. My

Continue reading "my dear brother kumar no more. I miss you my dear brother"

Cousins grandparent

My cousins grandfather died recently. He was struggling and had a stroke. He needed help at all times and was soon in a wheelchair. He would visit mainly

Continue reading "Cousins grandparent"

He chose the drug life over me

I met a wonderful man. He took care of me and my children. Then he got hooked on drugs without me knowing. He took all my money for two months telling

Continue reading "He chose the drug life over me"

Missing my mother

It's been a little over a month now since my moms passing. She died shortly before 8pm on Thursday, June 5th. She was on her way home from my house when

Continue reading "Missing my mother"

11 months have passed since I lost my husband to cancer...

We expected it, there were no available tests or treatment. We knew from the beginning we were losing him- and then in only a few short months, he died.

Continue reading "11 months have passed since I lost my husband to cancer..."

my man left me last Friday

i couldn't breath when i hear he died.. we planed meet at Friday noon, but he did not attend ,then i txt him ,not reply at all, thought he was busy as

Continue reading "my man left me last Friday"

Time is dragging me along

I come to this website to salve my wounds. In the beginning I would write a lot more. Now I come to read to try and see if anyone has found some magic

Continue reading "Time is dragging me along"

Loss of my younger brother to freak accident

I am 27 years old and I just lost my younger brother to a freak accident. He was 23 and died because of a freak accident occurred when he was pursuing

Continue reading "Loss of my younger brother to freak accident"


I try not to cry, because i know he's in a better place. After losing both his parents and incurring a brain tumor, how could it have been better? I

Continue reading "TheCryer"

A part of me went with him

On December 26, 2013, my family learned that my father’s cancer had returned. Dad had battled a number of things, strokes, cancer, heart surgery but he

Continue reading "A part of me went with him"

2yrs 4 mos have past since Lossing my wife

My wife was everything to me, we were together for 17 years. I just can not seem to get over her death. She went in for what was described as a simple

Continue reading "2yrs 4 mos have past since Lossing my wife"


My dad and I had a rocky relationship. But we loved each other very much. Hard to believe huh? Im sure he knew he was sick but he never let on just how

Continue reading "Stuck"

Amelia Daisy O. Great mother also a great friend

I'm Shawn ollero and I'm a male 17 years old I recently loss my mom almost a month now. Here death was caused by many things :( a Brain tumor, Heart attack,bleeding

Continue reading "Amelia Daisy O. Great mother also a great friend"

The love of my lie

I lost my husband on November 22 2013, he was just 32. but that day it happens and my whole life got destroyed. i can't says in words what he means to

Continue reading "The love of my lie"

My Love Our Life

He was found by our child lifeless. They told us it was a suicide. He had been ill for several years, but I did not believe that he would leave us like

Continue reading "My Love Our Life"

Lost my older sister feel like i lost my life

I lost my sister in feb 2014 , i am 23 and she was 27. I find my self really broken. MY sister was like a mom to me, even though my mom is still living.

Continue reading "Lost my older sister feel like i lost my life"

My world is shattered but still life goes on

My dad died on 18 May 2014, he had been in and out of hospital so I never tght this time he won't come out. I remember the Sunday morning I was still in

Continue reading "My world is shattered but still life goes on"

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