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Time doesn't heal

My mum died 8 years ago tonight at the age of 62 after a 2 year battle with cancer. I was 30. I miss her every single day. The pain now still feels as

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Daniel-22-heart attack

My 22 year old son Daniel died of a heart attack on July 22,2012. I am devastated. He was the middle child of 4 children. We are all very close and

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I lost my Sophie in may this year she was 32 and alcoholic she had recently had her last child taken away from her through her drinking and violent relationship

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We're to begin

We're to begin.My wife was 44years old and we had been together for 25years,I lost her on the 8th may 2014 and until the inquest is over have no idea what

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Wanting one last hug

My grandpa passed away two days ago and I'm left in pieces. The earliest memories I have of my grandpa are filled with so much joy and happiness. My father

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My brother Daniele

I am 13 and have 2 brothers séan (23) and Fionn (18) and I also have a sister Ciara (21). A couple of years ago I found out that I have a brother who

Continue reading "My brother Daniele "

miss sherry

Mom died Oct 18,2013 of lung cancer. Dad died Feb 21st, 2014 also of cancer. I took care of them the best I could. I feel like it wasn't enough because

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Loss of my 2 babies.

1st BABY Stillborn - In 2010 my daughter was due,I went for my last check up on Monday & Wednesday was my c-section,when I went for my check up,doctor

Continue reading "Loss of my 2 babies. "

Your 3rd Birthday with Jesus

Happy Birthday Lisa My heart and my thoughts are with you on this, your third birthday in Heaven. I miss you so very much. I miss our two hearts growing

Continue reading "Your 3rd Birthday with Jesus"

My Beautiful Wife

My Beautiful Wife We were married 44 years June 2013. I never thought I would be growing old without you. The last 15 months were spent missing you The

Continue reading "My Beautiful Wife"

All Alone

Hello, my name is Casey. I don't really have anyone else to talk to, so maybe this will be good for me. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 squamous cell

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In a daze

I feel so lost. Most of my relatives are gone--mother (31 years ago when I was only 24), my dad--when I was only 6, barely knew him), both sisters who

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I lost my elder brother in a train accident last week(25th aug 2014) that too on the my 23rd birthday.I was very much excited thinking of all the gifts

Continue reading "I MISS U DEAR BROTHER"

My Dad

My dad was a truly remarkable man. I wasn't aware of it while he was alive. I didn't take notice of what an amazing person he really was. To me, he was

Continue reading "My Dad"

My Grimmaw

It's been 2 and a half weeks since she has passed away. A week and two days since her memorial. I don't think it hit me until after her memorial, and now,

Continue reading "My Grimmaw"

Losing 4 Grandparents

My Grandma died when i was four but i am 17 now and a day doesn't go buy when i don't think of her. I was in denial for years until i was around 8 because

Continue reading "Losing 4 Grandparents "

My Mom.

It's been almost 5 months since my Mom died. She was found collapsed on Valentine's Day and it turned out she had a rare brain tumour that had haemorrhaged.

Continue reading "My Mom."


May 21, 2014 was a strange day by all accounts. I remember the sky opening up and spewing rain. So much so, that I felt the need to videotape it. I

Continue reading "THE LOSS OF SUPERMAN"

My grandpa

I lost my grandpa over 11 months ago nearly a year ago , he had suffered with lung cancer , arthritis , high heart bets than it should do for about 9 months.

Continue reading "My grandpa"

2 Loved ones and 1 Friend in 2 weeks

In the last 2 weeks I have lost 3 people. The first was my grandfather, he past away suddenly from a stroke on his birthday on the 14th. The next morning

Continue reading "2 Loved ones and 1 Friend in 2 weeks"

Favorite grandpa passed away

I'm 16 years old and My grandpa was one of the most important people in my life. I was very close to him. He passed away august 11,2014. I feel like I'm

Continue reading "Favorite grandpa passed away"

For Merrie 2014

For Merrie 2014 I don’t think there will be reunions Like so many often penned I think that shared experiences Is what we have in the end Our time on

Continue reading "For Merrie 2014"

2 years... 4 family members.

I'm 17 years old. I come from a family in which one's greatest value is each other. There has never been anything more important in any of our live's..

Continue reading "2 years... 4 family members. "


In September of 2013, my best friend of 18 years passed away from a heart attack at a restaurant less than an hour after we had sat down. We were just

Continue reading "Why?"

Lost my father a week ago

My father will forever be my hero.Whatever I am today was because of him & his sacrifices, his belief in me even though the rest of the world sometimes

Continue reading "Lost my father a week ago"

Dad was my rock!

I lost my Dad last November 2013 suddenly, he shouldn't have died, if the Doc had realised a urine infection and put him onto antibiotics early enough,

Continue reading "Dad was my rock!"

My brother and best friend Bill

My brother Bill passed away in 2005. I loved him very much. When he died, he was 45, I was 36. He had helped me through a very bad depression and I

Continue reading "My brother and best friend Bill"

Memories I Lost

At the age of 56, I'm still looking to recover my memories of my dad. Being that my dad passed away suddenly when I was 8ys old, I can't seem to remember

Continue reading "Memories I Lost"

My older sister

I'm an 11 year old boy I am a triplet (youngest). So my older sister (12) died in a fire at our house she saved us 9 months ago as she was dying my other

Continue reading "My older sister"

Meaning of Loss

For a couple days now a good friend of mine has been telling me that I really need to talk to someone because of the job I do. He felt that because I'm

Continue reading "Meaning of Loss"


For many years my daughter and I were estranged. She was molested by my father as was I and my sister. This went on from the 40's to the 90's. In my

Continue reading "Dixie"

Heaven's Light

The sun shines down upon us with rays of warmth and light. Then when the day has ended, disappears beyond our sight. We then are left in darkness, not

Continue reading "Heaven's Light"

Full of emotions...My beautiful angel....I miss her

I lost my mother a year ago to Alzheimer's disease. She passed away on January 10, 2013. It was truly the most painful day of my life because that was

Continue reading "Full of emotions...My beautiful angel....I miss her"

Lost my dad 17 years ago and still grieving

My dad passed away 17 years ago when I was 12 (he was 51) from cancer. All my teenager years I have spent them, forgetting and ignoring what happened and

Continue reading "Lost my dad 17 years ago and still grieving"

My Dad and Best Friend

My Dad passed away 5 weeks ago. I was his only son and we were so close. He taught me how to play sports, coached me in many, and taught me important lessons

Continue reading "My Dad and Best Friend"

Grandfather just died one week ago

I'm a 25 yr old woman and my grandfather died just one week ago. Last Sunday my father received a call from my grandmother saying that my Gpa wasn't doing

Continue reading "Grandfather just died one week ago"

Alone in the hills!

I am so overwhelmed that I am not real sure where to begin? In 2003 My only child, my 17 year old son Jamie was killed in a car accident in Slidell, La..

Continue reading "Alone in the hills!"

What To Do Now?

First Dad the R and then Ro, April 2011 was DAd then i found my best friend on the couch in may 2011 then 10 months later My younger brother Ro. I found

Continue reading "What To Do Now?"

Miss my dad so much it hurts!

My dad fell off a ladder 2 January 2009 and suffered brain injury but after two month in Hospital and a large blood clot removed he came home. Stupidly

Continue reading "Miss my dad so much it hurts!"

Don't understand why she would suddenly give up

Me and this girl first got together when we were fifteen years old. We had a very undeniable attraction and connection to each other that blossomed into

Continue reading "Don't understand why she would suddenly give up"

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