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So what was the original Grief Club?

Until recently, The Grief Club was simply a collection of random writings from our visitors to Yourspace and Theirspace.  For a donation to the website of $10, private access to this wealth of wisdom and solace was provided. It was very popular, and we had many donations from it to keep the site going. We always had  a plan to expand The Grief Club into a full-blown Grief Forum, newsletter, and access to the writings or quotes, which we now call "Pearls from the Forums".

We are pleased to announce that very soon, the new expanded Grief Club will open up to memberships. Please return to the website often, as for a limited time, lifetime membership in The Grief Club will be free of charge!

This informational box explains everything a little better:

     To Recover-From-Grief.com.

We are going to transition soon from these "Yourspace" blog pages to a true Forum. You will have the ability to not only post about your loss and leave comments on other's posts; the new improved Forum will also include chat rooms and private messaging!

A chat room is where multiple guests can all discuss or comment on the same subject, in real-time! (Kinda like an online written "conference call").

Private messaging will be great for those of you who have requested contact information about other guests (which we were not allowed to give out). If you feel a "connection" to someone else in the forum, you can send private messages back and forth, if both of you agree to it.

The new improved "participation" section of this website will be called The Grief Club. Not only will you have access to the bright new Grief Forum, membership in the Club will bring you access to a bi-monthly grief e-zine/newsletter ("Just Breathe"), great discounts on other grief resources, and of course the popular Pearls from the Forums.

Why did we do this?

The Yourspace pages are always very active; however, it is also a prime target for multiple spammers and "spellcasters" from around the globe. And boy are they sneaky! They make posts that appear normal, but somewhere lower in the post, they would slip in their spammy messages. We spend literally hours each day carefully combing through every post to weed them out.

A sign-in Forum should eliminate the problem. We also believe it will be a better experience for YOU in many ways.

So watch for The Grief Club, coming soon. There will be no cost for lifetime membership initially, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as membership opens up.

So now you are probably getting a good idea of what "the Grief Club" is all about. It is a brotherhood (or sisterhood) of grieving souls who have been thrown together by tragic circumstances. We asked them to write in order to help ease their pain, and write, they did.…

As time went on, we began to realize how important these random writings were. And although you could actually access all of them within the pages of Theirspace and Yourspace, we felt there had to be a better way to utilize this amazing body of wisdom.  What if we pulled out the best, most profound, most useful and interesting "grief quotes", and grouped them into categories? Groupings that make them easier to access when needed? Well, that's what we did...

I have heard from several site visitors that one of the best coping mechanisms they found was to have something they could cling to in the storm.… a thought, a quote, a psalm or a strategy. We have amassed here a huge collection from which you can choose for yourself.

As I combed through the submissions, looking for appropriate quotes and thoughts, I was blown away by the depth and breadth of wisdom I found there. May you find much comfort and help by reading these words submitted by your fellow sufferers in The Grief Club.

I just know that in this collection, you will find the perfect thing to latch onto. Just the right thought, catchphrase or comforting mantra to help you get through your darkest days.

Grief quotes...

And here are the categories:

  • Coping ideas
  • Holidays, Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • What do I do with their stuff?
  • Things people say… and don't say
  • Where Did Everybody Go?
  • Signs from your loved one
  • On missing intimacy
  • One Breath, One Step, One Day at a time...
  • Strength Through Faith
  • Profound Insights
  • Random Thoughts
  • Hope & Healing
  • Broken Relationships (Loss Other Than Death)

In the Pearls from the Forums pages, you will find pain, fear, tragedy and much sorrow. You will be sad. You will have some "ah-hah!" moments. You will find comfort in reading thoughts you would swear came straight from your own brain! And, most importantly, you'll also find intertwined in these words a message… a clear message of hope and healing for the future.

Grief quotes...


For a short time, as we transition to the new Grief Club and Forum, you cannot access Pearls from the Forums. However, permanent membership to The Grief Club is going to open up soon, and will initially be free of charge! So make sure to check back often, and grab your free lifetime membership to the Grief Club as soon as it is available.

Just watch for a NavBar link on the left that says "The Grief Club". It will appear in the next few weeks.

We know that you will find much comfort and wisdom from this special club and as always, wish you the best of luck in your own bereavement journey.


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