by Joe Parks
(Los Angeles)



As my dreams start to fade it's the end of my sleep
Then I open my eyes as they start to weep
Another day here and I know that's it true
Attempting to live my life without you

This cant be real please tell me so
How can I live while feeling this low
Nightmares can happen sometimes they do
But this cannot be my life without you

Tears keep flowing they don't ever stop
Pain ripping through from bottom to top
I don't except this don't ask me to
Out of the question my life without you

I walk through the house calling your name
I beg and cry but the answers the same
Crying starts then it stops then begins all anew
It's not going to work my life without you

The world seems so bleak now nothing but grey
Relief only comes at the end of the day
Time passing by cant wait till its through
This is a curse my life without you

Where's hope where's joy all gone away
Those were the things that I had yesterday
I yearn for her deeply oh how I do
Don't make me live my life without you

Got to be strong now that's what they say
Cheer up go to work you'll be ok
But empty words don't seem to ring true
I don't want to live my life without you

End of the day now thank God at last
Maybe I'll dream of the good times now past
Wake up tomorrow guess I have to
This is no life my life without you

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Sep 23, 2012
by: silver

How I know how you feel. I sometimes wake up in the morning and for a split second expect to see my husband next to me,but he's not and never will be again.This may sound mean and I promise that's not my purpose but at least you have a job to go to. I am retired and can't work because of my back. I hope you understand I only meant that you have something you have to do but I sit here and have to make myself get up and do things.I don't want to go out but of course sometimes I have to and that may be my saving grace. I have begun thinking(it's been 16 months now)that maybe there will be something at the senior center I can get involved in.I retired as a nurse so I'm going to check with a couple of agencies to see if they hire people to just sit with someone sometimes.I can't lift anymore. I am a very religious person and that has been what has kept me going mostly.GOD BLESS you and give you and prayers are sent to you.

May 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

feel for you.
and i wish for you to one day feel hope and love again.

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