by grief broken daughter

Dear friends,

I have just celebrated my birthday - the first one without my wonderful mom. I dread Christmas and other holidays.

My mom and I were left without family and only with each other. Partly because of gambling addiction in the family and also because of premature deaths. Most of mom's family died young from heart disease.

How do I go on without her ? The pain gets worse grief councilors advice but do not appreciate the impact when you have no other close relatives.

We were kindred spirits. When she was alive no matter what life was worth living.

I just wish I could have her back for five minutes to tell her how I loved her. She died in a coma.


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Dec 22, 2012
Dear Grief-broken Daughter
by: Anonymous

If time is not alleviating your pain, and if grief-counselling is not helping, perhaps you need to find something that can help to fill the emptiness in your life. I ask this cautiously (in the hope that you will not reject the idea): Have you thought about adopting a pet? Trust me, there is nothing untrue about the saying that a pet (dogs in particular) can help people to overcome loss, illness, or grief, and, if you wish to look, you will find that there are millions of animals around the world who are literally dying of the need to love someone. Unconditionally.

I am considering the fact that you do not have the facility to keep a pet. Even if you cannot provide a home for a creature in need (as you are yourself), I believe it will help you tremendously if you take the time to pay a visit to your nearest animal shelter, to stroke a dog or a cat, or to say something soft and tender to a little one there. I am one hundred percent certain that your Mum will not mind... Will she?

Dec 22, 2012
Last May 30 of this year I also Lost my mother
by: Carlos Angelito

I am the only child my mother have. She was stroked and stayed only for 10 days in the hospital. The last thing that come into my mind is to invite a Pastor to anoint her with oil. The Pastor I invited is one of the elder in the church. He told me that the anointing of the oil will only work if it is not yet my mother's time but if it is I should release her. Because according to him if I loved my mother the Lord loves her more than anyone else. The Pastor take that chance. After anointing her with oil he first asked her if my mother can hear him and my mother nodded. Then they started Praying the Prayer of acceptance wherein the Pastor make sure that my mother accepted the Lord. I prayed to the Lord that His will be done. After 3 days she expire. It was very painful but I know I will see her again. There are passage int he bible that proves that our departed ones in Christ can see us. Moreover I believe that your mother is praying for you in heaven. In heaven it is a dialogue prayer. Wherein God converse with our departed ones. And You will see her again. Life is short and this life is only temporary. Pray for God's guidance. I know He will not leave you alone. Also here is my story you might want to read it. It has also similarity to what you are going through-

Dec 22, 2012
Grief, Despair, and Lonliness
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear Broken Daughter. I am sorry for your loss of your dear mom and other relatives in your life. I am sorry for your loss where you have no meaningful people in your life. Your Grief, despair, and lonliness is deeper because you are so very ISOLATED with your Grief, and lonliness. When you are close to despair you go downhill very fast. I don't want this to happen to you. If you have seen a grief counsellor and this is not helping. Find one that can help and support you in the way you need. If you are so much in pain even in counselling DON'T STOP! Keep it up because things will change very quickly. Of course even in counselling it won't make up for having no family or ANYONE significant in your life to help you through this. We can't survive well in ISOLATION. You need PEOPLE in your life to help you function as a person. Some people don't mind being on their own and love their own company. But you don't which is evident from your post. You will have to build up a network of people in your life so that you can continue your history and survival. Join a Church, a club, A group where people meet to socialise. Build on this. It is often when in grief that one does not know where to start change. The sad fact is that when we are depressed it is harder to attract people into our world. Which is why I have suggested you staying with a counsellor till your world changes. IT WILL! I have done this and I know it works. don't give up too soon. Often a Church is a good starting point to meet people and let someone know how lonely you are and how you need help. Grief is a process we have to go through after losing a loved one. Just don't do it alone as it is harder. I hope that you get the support you need and that you do meet people that will make your life happier and more meaningfull. You will be happier again! Your life will change for the better in time! Believe this and keep HOPE alive in your heart. I wish you every success and happiness in life and that your Grief, Despair, and Lonliness will soon evaporate and you will move forward into a better future.

Dec 21, 2012
Feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I know how hard this is for u I lost my mom after 43 years so hard and feels like life will never be the same. Try to hold on to the good and happy times and remember she was a mom she knew you loved her .

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