Grieving for other losses

I too have lost more than a loved one and am grieving as well.

In spring 2009 I lost my job. Shortly afterwards, our youngest daughter and family, including 2 granddaughters, moved 2,000 miles away. While we were happy for the great job opportunity, we were at a loss for coping with their moving so far away. We had been a very integral part of their lives for years and all of a sudden they were gone. A few months later our oldest daughter and husband welcomed our 3rd granddaughter while living only an hour from our home. A delight! In February 2010 they moved to build their home in the wilderness? an expected move as their 6 years in the Army had ended. Another goodbye! Only 2 months later we got a call no parent wants to get! She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our world fell apart. After surgery/radiation she was declared "good to go". We thank God every day for hearing our prayers.

Simultaneously, we found out my mother-in-law had terminal colon-rectal cancer. In October 2010 she passed away. After many trips to settle her estate (in our home town), her house sold May 2011.

While my husband is seeing the VA for ptsd Vietnam Vet, I have been seeing a counselor as well. She did tell me I was grieving, but until I read this web site I really didn't believe it could be happening to me. After all, I had already lost my parents and seemed to navigate through that. Perhaps because I was still working and that kept me busy. We are exhausted!

My self-confidence is pretty low because I usually am the "can-do" type of gal and navigate through most things pretty well. Actually, I'm the one who people usually come to if they have a problem. This entire venture has left me blindsided; crying all the time and wondering when this will all go away has exhausted me! Reading your web page has actually given me hope that all of this will find its place someday. It has been a long 2 years! My prayers to everyone out there going through a rough time!

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Apr 10, 2013
I understand
by: linda

I understand how you are feeling I am being treated for depression after the lost of my dad 3 aunts my beloved young sister who was my best friend my daughter who has estranged herself and her 2 babies an lastly the breakdown of my marriage of 30yrs I do not have any answers but, I do know what youre pain feels like please msg me back even though I am thousands of miles in uk I will always answer you xxx

Aug 15, 2011
Surviving grief
by: Anonymous

It does not mater how strong you were. Grief takes a part of you and forces us to earn our confidence back through much hard work and courage. I was able to navigate my/our life through the worst time as a caregiver. Not easy to be sure yet when he died I was unable to function (properly ?). It is through this web sight and knowing that the only way that I can move forward is to go through some mighty uncomfortable miserable days and that, really that's o.k. I know now also that grief has so many ups and downs good days and bad. It is a roller coaster of emotions.

I know that I was the one that could handle it all. When my physician suggested that I might be depressed I scoffed and though hey! I am doing this...I am managing getting by day by day. But the more that gets piled up on us the more that we think that we can handle...There is no shame realizing sometimes it is more than we can bare. We are human so allow your self to feel overwhelmed , then try to take yourself away from it. A vacation from our own mind... A hot bath, walk on the beach, browsing yard sales etc. Anything to find just a little joy to make this life, Our Life more bearable. My best to you as you find the strength you need and, will find.

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