Guess what!!


Just wanted to let you know that after a massive load of snow falling here, no flights out of Belfast took place today and we didn't get to disappointing!!

Anyway, I will spend the second anniversary of Richards awful death at home... It wasn't planned as i wanted to keep busy but i will be ok here with our girls...

The difference a day

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Dec 18, 2010
Plans tend to change and we will too.

As we know from experience regardless of the plans we make they can change. And we must change and adapt to what comes our way. Hopefully making the best of it.

Really all that we have dealt with will make us stronger and able to take what life deals us as we have no choice but to roll with it. I think that going through what we have, forces us to realise what is of importance and what is a waste of time and effort.

Most people do not have this insight. So for that suppose we should be grateful seeing though glasses not rose colored but knowing that we have come out stronger regardless of the struggles that our hearts go through each day.

So here's hoping that you make the most of your days with the girls and know that he is still looking out for you as you make this new life for yourself. Be proud of how far that you have come.

I know that I am and as the sorrow tries to burrow itself into our hearts let us grow stronger and face the days ahead with courage that we never knew that we had.

Across the miles my best to you....always

Dec 17, 2010
Guess what!!
by: Mari

Yes indeed a day can make a big difference. Hopeful you can go another time.. I realize it is a big disappointment and am sorry. I know you miss Richard just as I miss my husband.
A day made a difference in my life too. The night of Nov 21st 2009 my husband said,''I love you so much'' and went to sleep and with the Lord.

The Lord is with you and will not ever leave you. It is a shame you could not go to London.
Today I looked at pictures. My husbands love for the grandchildren shows in pictures as I have many of him holding a new baby. Anything the kids needed he gave them.
I am not sure why today was filled with memories . I think of him every day but some days are overwhelming. For some reason when it rains it is worse. I used to hope he would drive carefully in the rain.

I remember him always saying to me,''I do love you, you know.'' And I sure loved him and always will. Take care of yourself. Keep posting. God bless you. You are stronger then you realize, never alone.

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