Half of Me Went to Heaven that Day

I lost my best friend, Kasey, two months ago in a car accident. It was actually the night of my birthday, August 13th. We had been so excited all week for friday to finally just get here. Her and my cousin had planned a birthday party for me that night and the following day was our family reunion.

Kasey and I were extremely close...growing up on the same road we spent every minute possible with each other practically since we were born. Everyone always joked around saying we were twins because we were always together...just inseparable. No matter what, we had each others back.

Anyways, Friday had arrived and after work
and dinner with my sister I headed out to my party. I was shocked...Kasey and my cousin had strung lights and decorated..it was perfect...friends came over and we all laughed, sang and danced. Then Kasey and two of my cousins decided they wanted to run over to another party...which was probably five miles from where we were. Yes, they had been drinking...I should have stopped them right then and there. To some people it sounds ridiculously crazy but I just figured couple miles it was about 11:30
and that was early for us so no one stopped them. I remember them walking to the truck and Kasey looking back and smiling.

We had been texting while they were gone. Then about 12:30 my cousins fiance came in yelling for people to leave (he hadn't been at the bday party, he was at the one the other 3 had went to). He pulled me aside saying "the girls rolled my truck".

I swear my heart stopped beating. I froze, went into panic..he said the one cousin was in a lot of pain but okay..his fiance was missing and Kasey did not look good. We rushed to the hospital where after what seemed like hours I seen my cousins; they were in shock and frantic but there.

I started panicking, Kasey was nowhere in sight. Then I was told she did not make it. I'm not sure I even was breathing for a few minutes...it was like the whole world stopped spinning.

After hours of waiting at the hospital, her parents and sisters, who are like my own family, showed up. That was the hardest part of all. A nurse took us back to a room where Kasey was wrapped in a blanket. Just cold. The image and memory still taunts me. Seeing her parents hold her and not let go completely broke my heart. Going to the accident spot still kills me and even going to the cemetery seems so unreal. I don't know how it will ever get any easier.

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Mar 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

I lost my bestfriend in a car accident couple of months ago... Terrible :'(

Dec 26, 2010
I also lost my best friend
by: Heidi

Hello, I also lost my best friend due to a car accident. It was also my birthday. She died along with my other friend's daughter, they were both gone so fast. Sonya was 33, jacqueline was 11. I feel sadness, anger, despair, everything. I feel like I am doing fine, then all of a sudden I think of her, and cry. I miss her so much. I am sure that you feel the same.

Dec 09, 2010
I'm Sorry
by: Anonymous

I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!! I too have lost people really close to me. I lost my best friend in 2004 to cancer and I also have lost other friends to car accidents and other causes. Please know that you are not alone!! If you ever need to talk send me a message to my email brittbratt13@sbcglobal.net.

Hang in there!! Just live your life to the fullest. Don't hold anything back. Let people know exactly how you feel!!

Oct 25, 2010
Young Loss
by: Anonymous

My son lost his girlfriend at 17. He is now 31 and finally has a life of his oWn. Please, don't let this bog you down in a life of drugs and alcohol. Think of what Kasy would want for you and desperately try to achieve that.
Live your life to honor the memory.

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