Eternal Flight

Eternal Flight

Mama passed away last July 21st. Tomorrow is her birthday. She would be 100 years old. WOW! I still miss her so. But I would not wish her back. Oh what a blessing to know that she is there in the glory of our Lord. And I am sure Daddy is there with her singing Happy Birthday to her. I am sure they are having a grand old time. I went down to the cemetery today to do some clean up and to place a new arrangement. It was a little cold but my heart and soul felt warm and humbling. I always said I would move back down there. But I am not too far away, and neither is Mama and Daddy. There are so many good and loving memories that are there to lift us up and carry us on. At this stage in my life I do not take even a day for granted, or a hour, or a minute. Mama taught me so many good and long lasting lessons. One of those, "It is all in the attitude of how you approach life's issues and circumstances."


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Sep 09, 2014
My mother, my angel
by: jean

I just lost my mom on Sept 2014. she would have been 100 in November. she fell and broke her hip.Before that happened she was in pretty good health. she was our anchor. she was always there for us. I am feeling so much guilt,I should have been more loving and patient with her I should have paid more attention to her when she wasn't sick.I should have been a better daughter. I loved her so much and yet I didn't always show it. How do I get over this guilt?

Mar 27, 2014
Happy 100th Birthday Mama in your Eternal Home.
by: Doreen UK

Thank you for your lovely words of tribute to your mother who reached a good age in life to which you allude.
I agree with you to a point of saying "It is all in the attitude of how one approaches life's circumstances." This statement may be appropriate through other life's issues. BUT NOT IN DEATH. It would have been easier for you to accept the loss of your mother because she reached an age where death is expected and more easily accepted.
I lost my mother at age 77yrs. and I accepted it better because she was of an age where it was more easier accepted. I can understand your level of contentment from your life and loss of your mom at her age. But I don't see your statement as being appropriate for all those widows/widowers and people who have lost a loved one at an age which is younger than 100yrs. I lost my husband 22 months ago at age 65yrs. and I am not being greedy to have wanted more years with him to enjoy retirement. I did enjoy reading your post and felt your contentment. It is just your general statement at the end of your post which is not appropriate for all of us on this site with an UNBEARABLE GRIEF. Not all grief's are the same and can be categorised the way you describe. Even if we change our attitude toward our circumstances, or think positive it wouldn't change our level of pain, sorrow, or unbearable grief. If you ever lose anyone early in life please write back and let us know if you feel the same way. The grief we bear cannot be imagined. It has to be experienced. My father is 92yrs. and will die soon. But I will be more accepting. There is an age of acceptance.

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