Happy birthday

by Rita

So my only son left on march 1st 2010. Today was his sons birthday party he is turning 7. I wrote what is the face of grief here and it is fake a lie and just not real. I did as expected smiled hellos and such. Now i sit here and cry mad and hate how uncomfortable it is to look at people who i feel wronged my son wronged me. When he was in az i was in IN he was sick just had a stem cell transplant we always kept in contact mostly by instant messages. The relationship with the daughter in law was not good. I couldnt get in contact with him called his house no answer emailed his dad who was also treated the same as me by these people asking if he heard from him. Finally had my husband call the daughter in laws parents and ask and they stated they had no idea. Well all you mothers out there will track down your child one way or another right. I called the hospital and yes he was there. This just one example of what went on and today i went to my grandsons party. I was all that was expected but to have to look at these people knowing what they did. Believe me this was just one of many unexplainable cruel happenings. I promised my son to always be in the grandbabies lives and i will. Unfortunately to do that i have to hold back.

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Sep 26, 2011
What Goes Around........
by: TrishJ

Ever heard of Karma? What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. These words are so true. People can be downright cruel and this is just something we have to deal with in this life. It really gets frightening at times how evil some "human beings" can be. When there is illness and death for some reason it brings out the ugly in a lot of our family members.
I'm pretty much going through the same thing following the recent death of my husband. My brother passed away 20 years ago and his wife was horrible to my entire family at the time. She continued to bad mouth all of us (when she knew deep inside she was the problem). She basically drank herself to death and suffered horrendously before she passed two years ago at the age of 49. She died of multiple organ failure due to her alcoholism. I have to say I was truly saddened by her death but she really did reap what she sowed. When all the nasty negative energy is put forth towards others it comes back on that person. It didn't make me feel better that she suffered so much. I think it's God's way of evening the score. The fact that your daughter-in-law is so spiteful will come back on her. It's too bad that someone can't get through to her and help her out. She's probably suffering too but there is no need to be hateful. There is no excuse for anyone to cruel to a parent when they lose a child. It's inhumane.
Take each day as it comes. Take people for what they are. We really can't change therm. Pray for your daughter-in-law and ask God to touch her heart and do the right thing in her life.
Bless you. Try to find some happiness today (I know it's hard as hell)......but try.

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