hard to get over the loss of my 5 month old son thomas b colby junior

by thomas colby
(wallingford,ct 06492)

find it very hard to function everyday still trying to understand the loss of my 5 month old son thomas b colby junior son who died on october 5 at 5.00pm , its a so hard every day to to come to terms that hes really gone and that i had to carry his casket to the vechicle to put mim to rest knowing that would be my last time to see him again til i go to heaven. the whole 5 months of visting him in the nicu andletting him hold my index finger to let him know his daddy was there by his side evry time i went to visit him at the hspital praying every day he would get better after he had heart surgery after 2 months of life, knowing how much pain he was in after such a extreme surgery from having his heart repaired, broke my heart everytime i came to visit him praying he would get better, he got sick and went down hill , when me and my ex got the call that he wasnt doing well we drove 90 miles per hour to get there to try asnd be with him before he toook his last breath, when we went to wash up like we use to we werte guided to another room we knew something was wrong , we had a badgut feeling that thomas junior had died i was so angry and upset that i coundt really believe he was really death, today 05-15-2012 i still cant get ovet that he is really dead, and when i was asked to carry the casket one more time like now i was so numb that i did what was right that a father would do for his son, when i saw him before the services of my son thomas colby junior with just his tuxedo and his beanie baby woke me up totally to reality that nothing trully goes with you when you die accept the clothes you have on, so im very upset and angry how today in the world 2012 people measure you by money buy when gods ready to call you you better pack light cause nothing materalstic or money wise is going with you cause ive seen it with my own eyes when i saw my son thomas colby junior in hi casket one more time before we put himto rest. now in may 15.2012 i still have a hard time functioning everyday about his death

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Oct 28, 2012
their is a light at the end of the tunnel,u jst hav been put on a mission from your baby to find it,thts all..and if u search hard enough,you will reach the end sooner than expected!
by: C H R Y Z L A H

I can relate to your pain totally,my baby grl was 18 months old.she passed over on the 26.07.12.today is the 29.10.12.we must learn postive inspirations and do everythng everyday tht will completly make ur precious baby proud of u.u r in my thought,I send my luv to u xox

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